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Southern Italy tour

Anyone that has been on this tour know if any of the hotels provide laundry service? I hate washing in my room and wasting time in a laundry room on vacation.

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Yes, the one in Matera did laundry for you at a very reasonable price for a bag. Have fun, great tour!

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In our experience last fall in southern Italy every hotel where we asked could send out laundry. So just check at the front desk. It was typically 20E or less for a load.

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Yes, we had laundry service offered to us in Matera. It was reasonably priced. I loved this whole tour, Enjoy it!

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Am going on this tour in 2 days. The temperatures look to be in the high 70's. Because of all the churches, I am worried about just packing shorts. Because of the temperatures, I am worried about packing any long pants. I have several dresses that I planned on packing because they work in the heat, in churches and in beach towns. But I am not sure about just packing dresses.

I see that several of you have been on this same trip. I would really like to hear your advice on what clothing worked best on this trip.

Thank you!

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We just got back and had all kinds of weather. For the heat, linen pants were the best for me. I bought some from Athletica. I could go in any church we wanted. We (our family) had an open door policy, if a church was open we went in so I wanted to be ready. They have such amazing churches. I wore linen shirts too, Our guide wore all linen.