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South Italy Tour 4/30/16

Is anyone signed up and having any security concerns in light of recent terrorist events?
Chris J

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Rick Steves and many travelers have already addressed this subject.
I would think most of the political problems are across the Adriatic Sea from Southern Italy.
I'm a Northern Italy traveler for the most part.

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Security concerns are being discussed on all travel sites. Most discussions are falling into two camps. One camps says go. The probability of being involved in a car accident going to the airport is far greater than being involved in a terrorist activity anywhere. The other camp says you cannot be too cautious. Bad things happen to good people so why expose yourself to additional risk. Probably a good time to stay home. So if you stay home be careful of your bath tub. More Americans die in bath tub accidents each year than are killed by terrorists in Europe.

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I wouldn't have any "security concerns" especially on that tour, as it covers mostly smaller places that I doubt would be on any terrorism target list. I'm sure the evil-doers realize that attacking rural southern Italy doesn't have quite the same P.R. value as larger, more famous cities. Of course there are no guarantees, and as Frank pointed out you could be a victim of that sort of thing anywhere, even at home.

In all likelihood, you'll have a most wonderful and memorable trip.

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Since you have received your Rick Steves tour list you will see that my husband and I are also signed up for the same tour .

We aren't worried. It looks like we have an extremely qualified guide in Alfio . Brussels doesn't deserve its situation but we are far away from it in any case . Last year we were in Eastern Europe during the height of the refugee crisis and our guide, Peter, ably guided us around one of the most historical and beautiful areas in Europe. I trust The tour guides of Rick Steves.

And as to where terrorists may strike, my sister in law lost her entire office in the San Bernardino attack . So it an happen anywhere but you either literally stay home and live or go out and live.

Looking forward to meeting you in Roma

Jennifer Anderson