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South England tour April 25 start, covid testing dilemma

I need a plan C.
I will be in Bath for a few days before the start of the tour. Planned to test in Bath on the 24th, but found nothing open on Sundays.

"B" was Monday morning before taking train to Canterbury. Chemist opens at 9, but does offer testing till 10. Train leaves at 10:45.

Aware of proctored tests, do not want that.

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What time will you get to Canterbury? Is there some place there you can get the test before meeting the tour?

You could call/email the RS office and ask if they have found places to get tested in Canterbury.

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Is there anywhere in Bath you could get tested on Saturday?

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If staying in a hotel, perhaps they can recommend a testing site.

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Can you contact the 1st Tour hotel and pick their brain for where you can test prior to the welcome meeting?

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Out of curiousity, why not a proctored test kit? They are super easy to use and incredibly convenient. Being able to do it in your hotel room at any time you want would solve your problem.

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Agree that a proctored test is a good solution. We have used them and they are easy and convenient. You can do one at your leisure, no worries about appointments. Order them from home and sign up for an eMed account before you leave home. Then just login when you're ready for the test. Take extra tests with you just in case you lose your internet connection and have to start over. We had no problem.

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Someone mentioned e-Med on here. Never heard of it so I looked it up.
Still unclear, and it is $150 for six tests. So is this a service where you buy a sixpack and travel with them, despite risks of temperature changes en route, so you can get tested remotely?
RS Monday night Travels said "easy to get a test before this tour in town, meaning Canterbury, I assume." Can we test in London the day before-(Saturday) where access might be easier? Would love to see additional on the ground reports.

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If you are on the 4/25 tour, you should have gotten an email from RS about what to do about testing in Canterbury in the last week.

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Have you consulted direct with your hotel in Bath? Very often hotels will either bring someone in to do testing at the hotel, or else know where to get it done even on a Sunday. Good luck!