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Sicily vs South Italy 2019

This is a duplicate post, sorry but not getting responses from my first:
In the planning stages of our 8th RS tour. There will be 4 of us, myself, wife, grown daughter and my wife’s BFF who, despite being over 60 has only been to Europe once, when she accompanied us on the RS Spain tour, with a few days in Paris. (Husband won’t travel). Looking at Sicily vs. South Italy. Our family has been to Italy independently a few times and took the Village Italy tour a while back. BFF has never been but understands our reluctance to re-visit Venice and Florence. Rome is different as I’m not sure we have come close to seeing it all. Our dates are restricted as my daughter is a teacher so it’s early June before she finishes and closes up her classroom, usually taking mid-June tours. We all live in a hot climate and are not too bothered by the heat. Sicily: If we did that tour probably fly into Rome and stay 3-4 nights then fly to Palermo. South Italy: Would arrive in Rome for probably 2 nights to catch the biggies the tour does not. Looking to hear from folks who have done both tours, how they would rate them, which they would choose and why, and any other nuggets. Earlier or later travel dates are not an option, thanks.

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I was in Sicily last summer and truely enjoyed the tour i was on not a RS tour but similiar itin. It was mid to late June yes it was hot but ac in hotels and tour bus helped alot . I had been to italy many times thru the yrs so Sicily was still a place to see. No disappointment, ruins, cathedrals, mosiacs , views amazing and delicious food. Lotsa history wwII and before. It was a great trip.
I highly recommend.i would give it 4 stars. If u love italy anyway, u will truely enjoy Sicily too.

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We did these two back to back last year , but mostly in April. I liked them both. Sicily surprised me with its history. Scenery was beautiful. They’ve made some changes, which improves it, especially in June. South Italy probably has more spectacular scenery. We managed to hit several holidays so ran into more crowds—many Italians.
If she is a history buff, both offer a lot. More variety of scenery in South Italy.
We started in Rome for 3 days and flew to Palermo the day before. We then spent 3 days in Rome before South Italy. I really enjoyed the Trastevere area—very convenient for walking around Rome and a reasonable train ride from the airport.
In April, weather was about the same for each and cooler than I was expecting. The old Sicily itinerary did not offer beach time, though now it does. South Italy does, if that is important.
Have fun.

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I came back last Saturday from the RS 11 day Sicily tour, my 16th. It was a busy tour with lots of walking. I am over 70 and had no problems. It was mostly in the low 80s during the second half of May in Sicily. Lots of ruins and churches to see. Nice hotels and good food. We took a 7 day RS Rome tour prior to going to Sicily and were sure glad that we had a RS guide and a local guide when it came to all of the places there as the lines were obscenely long. If you do any big name sites in Rome, hire a local guide to get you in before getting in any of those lines some of which were for people who already had tickets. They now have a 3,000 person limit inside the colosseum at a time so our guide said that some of the folks standing way back in the line would never get in that day. I wear hearing aids and the new communication devices that were used in both Rome and Sicily have one ear phone. I wished I had brought a pair of my own ear phones to plug into the communication devices so that I could have heard more.

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Alan, in April 2016 we did the South Italy and Sicily tour back to back. This was a great combination!
We have done 7 RS tours and both of these rank at the top of our list. For Sicily, our guide was Alfio Di Mauro and Ann Long for South Italy. Both were amazing! These tours allowed you to experience a very different feel for Italy oppose to the central/northern areas of the country. If I had to rate one over the other....Sicily would be my vote. The region is absolutely beautiful and the people are wonderful!
We suffer from “ Wunderlust” and love to travel.
Enjoy your trip....I am sure it will be amazing whatever your decision!

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When we did the Best of Italy tour in 2016, I asked our fabulous tour guide about South of Italy vs Sicily. She highly recommended we do the Best of Sicily and follow it up with 5 nights in Sorrento to see the sights of south Italy. With a couple of days in Rome before you fly to Sicily, that would be a wonderful itinerary, IMO.

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Loved the Sicily tour with Alfio. Food is wonderful. Went in October and weather was perfect. Not too hot, and it rained only once.
Enjoyed everything about this tour. Getting ready for the Southern Italy tour this year, so I can't comment on that one yet. But I think the two together are a great combo.