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Sicily Feb 14, 2017

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am traveling alone but am very excited because my great grandfather was born in Corleone and my maiden name is Ragusa. I have been to Sicily before but not for this length of time as an adult. I have arranged for a tour the morning of the 14th to see the house he was born in!! Looking forward to the trip.

Sally Dahlem

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I went on the Best of Italy in 17 Days tour and a couple I became friends with, had gone on the 11 days in Sicily tour and raved about how much they loved it! It's on my list for someday. But, I thought I would pass along their high praises for the tour.

Judy B

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Hi, Sally. I will be traveling alone to Sicily this year as well, but a bit later than you, as I am going on a RS trip over Easter. Please do come back to this forum under the category of trip reviews and let us all know how your trip went. It will be interesting to hear how your search into family history has gone. Buon viaggio!

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Have fun. I really enjoy Italy in general (have traveled there with friends) and am taking the Best of Sicily tour later this year. Looks like a blast. During the Rick Steves Tour Reunion Weekend he mentioned he was signed up under a different name to take the Best of Sicily tour this year. It would be interesting to run into him on it!