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Sicily 2018 up

I notice that the early dates for Sicily 2018 are posted. It starts at $2295. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the cheapest dates for that tour run at $1995 last year?

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The $1995 price is for the off-season option. That tour for 2018 is not posted. If you take a look at 2017 vs. 2018, , the price on the regular tour dropped by $300.

EDIT: Oops! Just took another look and those prices are more. However, it's a different itinerary. So it's not quite an apples to apples comparison. It's sorta like green olives to black olives.

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In 2018, all Sicily tour departures will follow a single route, with no separate "Off-Season" plan. All will include sleeping in Taormina instead of Ragusa.

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Thanks for pointing out the itinerary changes. I was at work and didn't spend enough time examining it.

I've wanted to do this tour for a long time but for various reasons including cost haven't yet. DH knows though that if we don't do it by my 50th then thats where I'll be celebrating!

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We loved the Ragusa hotel; definitely funky. The town was interesting, as well, although in the off-season most of the eateries we tried were closed.

Much less touristy than Taormina, although the comparison may not be fair; we were in Ragusa in February or early March, and in Taormina in June.