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Shoes for Venice

Please help me with Ideas/recommendations for women’s shoes for Venice in February when it will be wet walking. Our RS VFR tour is scheduled and I have fussy
diabetic feet. I’m worried about getting wet feet and wet shoes in Venice. I don’t want big clunky LLbean type boots as I’m planning on a carry on suitcase. Thank you for your ideas and experience.

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Look for a good pair of waterproof walking shoes. They need not be clunky boots, but they won't be fashionable heels either. For just about any tour a good walking show is recommended.

If ankle high shoes will not keep your feet dry, then little will beyond rain boots. (my wife wound up buying rain boots in Italy since we hit Venice during an Alta Acqua.)

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If you hit acqua alta, it won't matter what shoes you have. You'll need to put something over them. When I was there, my hotel provided rubber overshoes, calf-length. Hawkers sell cheap plastic things that go over your shoes up to your knees. Unless the flooding is very severe, much of the city doesn't flood at all, in other parts wooden platforms are set up over the worst parts and the water subsides after 3-4 hours and all that's left are puddles. I think any good hiking shoe like these would be fine.

Which reminds me, I need to buy a pair for myself! Thanks for asking 😊

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I too carry my suitcase on the plane. I wear my boots on the plane – they are a fun alternative to my walking shoes as I switch daily. My boots have kept my feet dry in Rome, Italy rain.

That RS tour also included Venice & my boots & other walking shoes were comfortable on the many walks.

Happy travels

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Did you check the moon phases? I have recently red a message about High Water on TripAdvisor and I realized many don't know the problem is linked to tides, not rain.

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Thank you for all ideas, advice and information, I will wear a pair of leather shin high boots and bring along a pair of athletic shoes with good treads. Jane