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I am almost 69 years old and don't want a lot of walking. Any European country would be ok with me. What tour would you suggest ??

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Are you asking specifically about Rick Steves tours, or tours in general?

Either way, you should retitle this thread, to something like "Best Rick Steves tours for limited walking". To do this, make sure you are logged in, then choose "Edit" near the end of your original post. If you want a member of Rick's staff to contribute, be sure to check the "chime in" box.

I haven't taken a Rick Steves tour. But one thing that comes up often in reviews of them (which, unfortunately, are now harder to access) is that the tour guides are very flexible. If a particular excursion is too strenuous for you, you can skip it, as long as you tell them in advance and arrange to meet up with them when it's finished. Of course, you wouldn't want to waste your money on a tour with lots of things you have to skip.

Also consider the option of going on your own. By doing this, you do as much or as little walking as you want. You can take taxis or buses in cities, or can rent a car in more rural areas. If you list what places interest you, you can get lots of specific tips.

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It would also be useful to be more specific about "a lot of walking." Sightseeing usually will require a lot of walking and standing whether you're on a tour or on your own.

The RS tours list the "activity level" for each day's itinerary, defined as follows:

  • Light = 2-4 miles of mostly level walking throughout the day.
  • Moderate = 2-6 miles walking throughout the day with some hills and stairs.
  • Strenuous = 2-8 miles walking throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs and uneven terrain.

When the day's plan is "strenuous" you will usually be able to opt out of the most difficult parts and be able to do something else on your own - or simply sit at a cafe with a beverage and people-watch. Maybe a My-Way Tour would suit you. All the logistics are taken care of and there's a guide that will help you plan your individual activities in each place according to your interests and physical requirements.

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I hope those replies get you on the right track with Rick Steves' Tour options. If you have a different question, please post it separately.

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Thank you Harold and Chani! I am not at all computer savvy or travel wise, so need all the help I can get.