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senior travelers

What percent of Rick Steves travelers are seniors (65 and above) at any given tour?

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Are you with us or against us? :-)

We've been on 11 RS tours. I'm not taking the time to go through all our trip rosters now, but I'd say on average about 15 - 20% or so of the members of the tours have been over 65. One tour we took about half were, but that was unusual. Our last tour had, I think, 5 of 24. The age range on the tours we have taken has been 12 to 80+. The time of year makes a difference, too. Families with kids are more likely to be able to travel in the summer. Although the tour we took with the 12 year old was in February...

I'd guess about 30% or so of the people on our tours have fallen in the 40 - 60 age range, but there've been lots of folks in their 20s and 30s and teens are not uncommon.

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I agree with Jane that time of year makes a difference. I tend to travel in May or Sept at a time when kids are generally back in school. I also think the more active a tour, the lower end of the age bracket. I'd say my GAS tour had the youngest overall group of folks, then Heart of Italy, then 21 Day Best of Europe.

Are you interested in one of the tours to Spain?

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I'm agreeing with Jane and Pam. In my experience, the ages seem to vary from the timing of tour to the itinerary being offered. I also have traveled on RS tours with ages ranging from 8 (my own grandchild) to 80 on one tour. There will most likely be more youngsters on the Family tours. I feel the age range of the travelers makes these tours more ....well, interesting and special.

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Varies. Maybe 30% on some I have taken, and as low as zero.

But the seniors who do go on the tours seem to be very physically fit and can run circles around me. Everyone on the tours I have gone on have mostly gotten along well, are willing to join group activities, and have a good time no matter their age. In other words, you won't notice they are there any more than you will the younger people. :-)

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I am knocking on that door to the 65 barrier. Yikes! I may have to reluctantly surrender my RS money belt and civita back pack in a few

Agreeing with a previous poster.... I have been on (non-family) tours with pre-teens to those in their seventies. Most of the members on my tours have been in their 40's & 50's. My first tour was in 2004. I have noticed the average age of the groups has increased during that time. Of course, I have helped drive that percentage up there, too.

The time of year matters a lot. Prior to retiring as a teacher, my June & July tours (had to wait until school was out) were loaded with teachers. Now I am booking tours away from the heat and summer crowds and it is a little different clientele. Nothing negative there.....just different.

I think the larger concern is how physically fit you are (mentioned earlier). I have seen that be an issue with younger tour members as well as with some of the "over the hill" folks :-). The groups I have been with have been very inclusive.


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I think strenuous tours also attract more younger rather than older folks. Most people on RS tours are very open and inclusive of everyone regardless of age.

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Having just returned (last week) from the RS "Best of Barcelona and Madrid" tour - which is listed as a "strenuous" tour - although I think 'active' is a more proper term - it is my guess that, at 68, there were two fellow travelers my senior, so 21 were younger - the youngest being 13, I believe.
Lots of walking - nice!

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I have taken 14 RS tours - soon to take #15 & #16 - almost always one a year since 2001 and I am now 72. So, I started taking RS tours when I was 54, I think. I have noticed the average age of the tour members getting somewhat older on the tours that I have taken, mostly in the Spring or Fall. I have never been the oldest person on a tour. I have seen very few tour members under 30 y/o. The places we stay have also gotten better as the years have passed. RS getting older or his reaction to the ages of the tour members?
I look forward to Italy in May.

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We've taken two tours -- Best of Paris in early June and VFR in mid- to late May, both being family-friendly times. On each tour, there was a wide variety of ages, including a number of young people. Our son was 17 on our Paris tour and there were a couple of younger kids. He was 19 on VFR and there were three other 20-somethings along. On the Paris tour, especially, there were several people in their 70s. On VFR, the majority were 50s an 60s, like us.

Short answer, agreeing with just about everyone else, a wide array of ages, but the common link was enthusiasm and being fit enough to enjoy the active pace of the tours. Doesn't mean everyone was in perfect shape, including me with my lousy knees, but all were willing and prepared to keep up and enjoy. And I swear the "no grumps" policy works. Not a crab in the bunch.

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Last November on the Sicily tour there were 7 of us youngsters ;D age 59 to 61. Everyone else was over 65 with some in their 70s and one very spry 80 year old :D