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Scotland tour in early June or September??

Trying to determine is there is a ‘best’ time to visit Scotland. Would love to hear opinions/experiences of anyone who has taken the Scotland tours.

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I took the Best of Scotland tour in 2017 that started in very late August (after the Fringe Festival) and into the first week of September. We we blessed with excellent weather; had very little rain until the last day. That doesn’t mean it won’t rain if you go in September, of course.

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I haven’t taken any tours, but I have been to Scotland numerous times in June and September. I would opt for June - fewer midges, longer daylight hours and more colour in the gardens. The chance of rain days is similar.

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Are you looking for chances of specific weather, fewest tourists, most festivals and events?

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Scotland anytime is great, but, of the two choices, I would recommend June.

I was in Scotland in the height of summer in 1999. It was pleasant.

However, I have been to Ireland, which has a nearly identical climate to Scotland's, in both June and October. It was better in June in part because it felt like spring, and the atmosphere was fresh and clean. It was starting to get cold in October.

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We haven't taken a tour but we were in Scotland the first 2 weeks of June this year. The weather was good, not great and we usually needed a light jacket every day. We had virtually no rain. The best part was the amount of daylight we had. Sunset wasn't until around 10:30 and so we never had to worry about driving in the dark on unfamiliar roads.

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I used to go every year in June.
Long days and the summer crush is not yet running

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I've done Rick's Best of Scotland in June and weather was excellent except for a few days of rain. I will recommend you have a waterproof rain jacket with hood. The day it really rained was the day we went to Iona and honestly I have never been so wet in my life, lol. It was the only day ever on a tour of any kind (12 Rick Steves tours and 13 Road Scholar tours) that I wished for rain pants. Worth taking? Not sure....I traveled for 5 weeks that time and needed them for part of one day. I do recommend some lightweight glove liners to stick in your pocket. I needed them a couple of days. Still, I'd much rather be trying to put on more layers than to be hot, lol!!

Here is a link to my Trip Report from 2018. If you are talking about Rick's Scotland tour, it has changed a little since I took it as it now starts in Glasgow.

I have not been in September. Not sure about the midges then! No midges in June for me.

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we did the Best ot Scotland in late August/early Sept in 2018. At night it got cool; but was very pleasant during the day. It did rain a lot; but, that is Scotland. Get tickets for the Tattoo in Edinburgh if you can. It was a great tour.

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Did a Steves Scotland tour late June '22. A day early in Stirling and in Inverness, 2 days following tour in Edinburgh. Rain jacket w/hood advised. Also layer in countryside mornings as temp was often 6-8 degrees C or about 44-46 F. And windy. Afternoons had a couple of showers but hood (no umbrella) sufficed. Wore shorts quite often too.

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Best time - when you can get to the Edinburgh Tattoo! Held for three weeks in August. We had our tickets the evening that our RS tour got to Edinburgh - absolutely "there are no words" experience.

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Planning a trip there now and thinking late August because we want to go to Paris/London early after in early September because and no way am I going there in June or any other summer months.