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Scheduled BOE trip for April 14

We are scheduled on the April 14th BOE tour and we just noticed it going onto sign up mode from waiting list.
Is anyone else on this tour? What is the minimum amount of people they will take a tour with? We believe it is 24. If anyone else has more info we would appreciate it.

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My Sicily tour scheduled for early April went from "Wait List" to "Available". I called RSE and they told me there were 17 total signed up and they needed a minimum of 13 to run the tour. You could call to find out how many are signed up and what the minimum is for BOE. Good luck!

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I don’t know the minimum, but 24 is the maximum. If your tour was in trouble, you would not have to guess, you would have been contacted by RS. Since you are clearly concerned, why not call the tour office on Monday and put your mind at rest.

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If it makes you feel any better, a few of Rick’s tours started today. I’m hoping he will address this on tomorrows MNT. Gonna put it in the question box early. Anyway, I believe that after a few tours go and return and travellers report back on the forum, those hesitating might push the sign me up button. So hang tight with Fingers crossed.

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Thank You everyone for your help.
Called Rick Steves and we are good to go.

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Great news!

Enjoy the BOE.

If you have a free night in London do try to see theatre! Check online to see what’s available for 1/2 price tickets. I can also recommend Joy King Lau in Chinatown. Went there to eat twice last Fall.

Also if you can a meander about Spitafields Market is fun.

Happy Travels.