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Scandinavian Tour Changes

Hello. We know that a change was made for the Scandinavia 2023 tour from the 2022 eliminating the overnight boat ride (perhaps due to the Covid outbreak on a trip thought to be caused by crowded space on the boat) but we were wondering if any of the second half 2022 tours already made the change and, if so, was the replaced venue and travel more than satisfactory? Thanks so much for your input.

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I can't find the post right now, but I think it was a RS person who said the ferry part was dropped because there were problems dealing with the ferry company. I would assume this year's tours are already arranged and will include the ferry.

I also recall a number of complaints from previous tour people about the ferry part of the tour.

I'm taking this tour in 2023, but if you are taking it this year, why not contact the office?

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Thanks so much for the info. We are actually taking the tour in 2023 but was just wondering if the change had already been put in place. Your additional insight was helpful. Thank you.

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We just concluded the Scandinavia tour, which included the 18 hour ferry ride. I am not a big cruise fan, so I would have preferred to skip that part of the tour. Excellent tour otherwise.

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The ferry company changed the schedule during the pandemic. That might be the reason.

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I was recently on this tour. We took the overnight ferry ride, which our group greatly enjoyed. That is eliminated next year, per our guide, due to challenges of booking the tour busses onto the ferry. I am sure that the new work-around will be worthwhile and enjoyable. Have fun!