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Santorini after the Greece tour.

I just booked the Greece tour for our family of 3 in 2019. Thinking of adding a stay in Santorini after the tour is done, and I'm wondering if anyone else has done this? Trying to to decide between 2 or 3 days? Are you too tired after the tour to extend the trip? If you've done this, are there any tips? Would your recommend 2 or 3 days?

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Hi, yes - we went to Santorini for 3 days after the RS Greece tour a couple years ago (and then on to Amsterdam after that for 4 days as it was our flight hub). We stayed in Oia, Santorini and had a wonderful time. There were some other couples on our tour who also went on to Santorini and some others who went on to Crete. We normally extend our vacation with somewhere on our own for at least a week after the tours, haven’t found it too tiring! There are plenty of things to do in Santorini!

Also, the Greece tour is still the favorite one of the RS tours we have done to date! It’s a fantastic tour!

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My friends and I did 3 days on Santorini before the Greece tour in 2015. We flew into Athens and then took (separately booked) flight to Santorini on the same day. That makes the best use of time by not having to return to airport for the flight to the island. We then flew back to Athens the day before the tour started.

We stayed in Fira, (near the bus station) took the bus to various points on the island. I suggest three days.

I would prefer not to be away (on island) the day before flying home from Athens. If there was a flight problem, there would be no alternative available to make it to the Athens airport.

We flew home the morning the tour ended in Athens, but wished I would have stayed at least one more day to see a couple things not done on the tour.

Send me a private message if you want more info on what we did for three days on Santorini.

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I am sure you are aware of the cruise ship hordes that arrive most days. Do your best to get away from them by having a rental car. The caldera view is incredible but for a better and more Greek Island experience go to Naxos or Paros.

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We stayed in Santorini for a few days prior to the RS Greece tour in 2017. One snafu that almost caused us to cancel the visit was a ferry strike for 4 days!! Fortunately the travel agents we used in Athens to get our ferry tickets (Danae Travel) alerted us in time to book a flight to the island. Santorini is outstanding - we stayed at Cheledonia Villas in Oia. Really great spot!! I agree with the other post regarding cruise ship crowds. Very crowded roughly between 10 and 4 but otherwise have the town to yourself. Considering the cost/time to get there, I would suggest staying 3 days. Also, if taking a ferry, I prefer the "slow" ones since they have nice outdoor decks. The high speed ones do not.

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Thanks everyone! I did not think about the crowds Suki, so thanks for that. Our tour is mid June, so the cruise season will just be ramping up. I'll look at Naxos and Paros, but I'm looking for that postcard whitewashed buildings with blue tops experience. Sounds like 3 days is the way to go. The best flights home leave Athens at 6AM, so we'll be sure to get back a day early Lynn. I'll be sure to keep an eye on ferry strikes Pamm, thanks for the tip!