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Running in Italy

I am an avid distance runner. What is the feasibility of going on an early AM run while on the Venice/Florence/Rome trip?

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Pretty good. Altho I am no longer a runner, last Fall my brother was feeling kind of claustrophobic in Venice so we were looking for some green space. We talked with the gal on the hotel desk that morning and she drew out her running route on one of the hotel maps which included the green space at the end of the island. It was a terrific walk and nice to be in trees and grass.

However, I am not sure you would actually get in a lot of distance as it was a couple of miles at the most. Plus, really you have to stop and look at times, lol!

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Morning runs in European cities are very satisfying. I cannot see where Venice would be anything but a pleasure to run in--before the crowds get out.

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I took the Venice/Florence/Rome RS trip in June. There's plenty of opportunity for an AM run.

My body clock was still screwed up and I was getting up at 3am in Venice (1st part of the trip). In the Summer, the sun rise is super I decided to walk. It's probably one of my most memorable parts....I had the whole city to myself, other than the local vendors delivering their wares to restaurants, etc.

The streets had no tourists and I literally saw maybe 10 people walking over the course of 5 miles or so.

Florence and have access to parks, etc.

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While traveling in Italy, specifically the three cities you speak of, I found early morning runs the best. Putting your running shoes on and watching the sun rise over the city is so intimate. You are out before the hords of tourists awaken and see it in a entirely different light, while avoiding traffic. In Venice, my only suggestion is to take a business card from the hotel you are staying, just in case you get lost. I got an extra 4 miles in trying to locate my b&b. In Florence, running along the Arno is the best and you have the company of an occasional runner. Try running up to the Piazza Michelango for a bewutiful morning view. In Rome, my favorite runs were at Borghese Park. Both morning and evening runs are safe.
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