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Hey all, I'm taking the MyWay 14-day tour with my husband this fall, and we're tacking on an additional week at the beginning of the trip. I'm a runner in full training for fall marathon season, but I'm seriously debating if I should bring my running shoes or not. As much as 3 weeks without running will set me back, I'm just concerned about finding the space in my carryon for shoes and running clothes that may only end up being used a few times.

Please help! Advice on either side would be most appreciated...

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Wear your running shoes on the plane if you have to! Or bring a daypack as your "personal item" and put them there. I cannot imagine going three weeks without running, especially if I were in training for a marathon. The clothes take up very little space. And you should be able to findlotsof interesting places to run.

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Have you considered bringing trail running shoes as a second pair of shoes for both training and comfort walking? Or heavier cross training shoes for fitness work? The more supportive cushioned shoes would work on cobbles and rough surfaces.

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Hi Leanne-and good for you! My husband was also a runner (both on tours and when we traveled on our own) and managed to do his running in some of the most beautiful places in Europe. He just made the time by getting up and out early in the mornings (before breakfast) or in the evenings. He packed his gear (running shoes, socks, clothes, etc.) in his suitcase (the RS roll on) and washed it in the bathroom sinks (bidets?) every night. He thought that part was fine-me? Not so much but it was his suitcase that was just a bit smelly. Dryer sheets in the suitcase helped a lot. We did find a few laundromats along the way.....I'd say "just do it"!!

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Hi Leanne - I just got back from Ireland 8-16. I took two pair of shoes (one of them my running shoes). I ran the rock n roll half in Dublin Ireland while I was on a RS tour (8-4-14). I took my running outfit and ditch it at the hotel after I left Ireland. I took an outfit that I would not mind leaving behind. Go for it. Ireland had a lot of nice places to run. Enjoy! Kim - Oklahoma