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RSVillage Italy Oct 23 Nov 5. ‘sleep in Tuscan countryside in lieu of Lucca’.

I’m trying to decide whether or not to sign up for this tour. I questioned the office and was told ‘the planned group activities will be the same’. I’d be interested for any folks who have taken this tour to share how they think this would work? I like traveling as much off season as possible and there’s this tour and the Southern England tour with openings on the final tour so I’m debating. I’ve been to Lucca before so not spending the night there is not a dealbreaker but I’m wondering if it will mean a lot more bus time? Thanks for any thoughts.

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So, in looking at the itinerary, it looks like Day 8 is "Sleeping in the Tuscan countryside", day 9 and 10 are Lucca. Are they planning to do 9 and 10 in the same location as Day 8 or did they not mention that? I would not mind 3 nights in the same location!

In reviewing the itinerary, I'd not think you'd have much of an impact since you've been to Lucca before. I remember going out in the early AM and walking around the wall when we stayed there but otherwise I don't think it would be much of an issue.

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Read up on "Lucca Comics and Games" from Nov. 1 to Nov. 5. When I was in Lucca in the fall - and loved it - our RS guide said this is the largest such gathering in Europe. I'm assuming that's why you won't be staying in Lucca, but I don't know how much this will affect the rest of the schedule. RS Village Italy is great tour.

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Oh my, I’ve just been reading about this. 100,000 people plus come to Lucca for this evidently. Saw 2 to 300,000 quoted but I’m hoping that’s not right. But yikes! As I remember Lucca it isn’t all that big.