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RS Village Italy May 16!

I am going on the Village Italy tour that starts May 16. Anybody else out there?

We are arriving a couple days early (Venice) and heading down to Rome afterwards.

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We are going but not until Aug 31st. We are arriving 2 days early in Venice.
Enjoy your trip. Can't wait.

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We will also be going on the Village Italy tour which starts May 16, and will arrive early in Venice on May 13. We would love to meet you in Venice if that can be arranged. We live in Bend, Oregon. Ralph & Janet L.

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Hi, deborahk! I'm loosely planning on taking this tour at about the same time next year, so I'm looking forward to all of your reviews!

Have a fabulous time, Everyone!

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Only a few short weeks away for exciting that must feel! Daughter and I will be on this one leaving sept 7th. Also arriving early in Venice. Seems ours isn't "filling as fast" as some of the other dates though, so hope we'll get a few more to sign up before then. Would love to hear from any others signed up for this date.

Buon viaggio Deborah! Will look forward to hearing a trip report!

Gail & Shelby

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Gail, I posted on another thread, but just wanted to connect. My husband and I, along with another couple, will be on the September 7th trip....going to Venice first. We're looking forward to meeting you and your daughter! We've actually taken this tour ...2008...but our friends wanted to go and the more we thought about it, we thought it would be lots of fun to go again.


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Getting nervous/excited now! Less than three weeks to go! Time to do the test pack, buy all the food the pets will need (look out Costco!), and make sure my list is complete.

Ralph and Janet: my uncle and I will arrive in Venice on the 15th and are doing the San Marco at night tour. Not enough time for Venice, but a little is better than nothing! :)
Up until now I have been in the excited only mode, with all the planning and dreaming. I have entered the nervous mode with the "how the heck will I get everything done before we leave" panic setting in. Ugh!
Can't wait though! Tour stuff is done, hotels are reserved, tours for our time are booked, the coffee table is piled high with books and movies about Italy, language cd is in the car cd player...look out Italy, here I come!

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This is such a fun tour! I had Trina as my guide and she was wonderful altho doubtless they all are. Hint...if you see your guide only finishing part of his/her appetizer course at the group meals, take a hint and know that there is a huge amount of food coming.

Sample the gelato everywhere! I don't eat dairy so I always had sorbet and the BEST I had was in Orta San Giulio at Gelato Artiginale Eliot on the main piazza across from the boat docks. Ate it in Siena, Asissi, Orvieto (several times, lol!), Monterosso, Levanto, etc, etc!! Somehow missed trying it in Padova!

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Can someone tell me about the San Marco night tour?