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RS Turkey and Ephesus tour

For those who have taken the RS Turkey tour, during the guided tour of Ephesus, is admission to the Terrace Houses included? I understand that you need a separate ticket for that venue, and should buy it at the main entrance, since not available at the Terrace Houses themselves.
Also, there is time in the afternoon for wandering on your own. How does one get back to the hotel in time for dinner? Is there a meeting time for the bus to take everyone back?
Thanks. We’re going in October 2019.

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All good questions the RS staff can answer.

I have not done this tour, but when the bus took us to a 'remote' location there was a designated time for the return to the hotel.

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We took the tour three years ago and went into the houses. I don’t remember paying for it. You will have to ask RS office. There is free time in Ephesus to wander before going back into town and free time in town to wonder before dinner. Ephesus isn’t far from the hotel and You can return by taxi or bus if you want to stay there longer.
Check the rome2rio app. It’s a 19 min ride.

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I took this tour last year and we went through the Roman villas which are in various stages of excavation with our guide. Our guide paid our admission into Ephesus. It is amazing!

You will go back to the hotel with the bus. As I recall, that day you return to the hotel and have free time in the afternoon to wander through the town.
As the others have suggested, call the RS office with questions. Your guide will always help you return to the group if you decide to opt out of an activity. Obviously there are limits to this.