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RS transportation on tours

We are on the My Way Alpine tour. What type of transportation is used between the towns visited on the tour? Since it is a "small group" tour?


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When we did this tour, and my understanding it is this way on all RS tours, you will be on a full size bus. It is great; everyone can have their own seat if they want.

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You'll be on a full size bus for your transport between locations. This gives everyone room to spread out if they choose as they can usually accommodate about 50 (or more??) people.

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What are your tour dates, 2023 or 2024? I’m going in 2023 on the last date in September. Can’t wait!

I’ve been on other Rick Steves tours and the buses are roomy and very comfortable.

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We are on the 7/5 tour. Thanks for your responses.

We had a less than adequate experience in Scotland on a big bus. The driver traveled so slow that it impacted our time at stops. It was not a RS tour however so hopefully this experience will be different.

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On Rick Steves' tours the drivers usually become as much a part of the tour as the guide. I love having 2 seats to spread out. The buses are always very nice and very clean. And, your guide will probably entertain &/or teach you things while on the bus. YOu will have fun.

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You're right - that busy doesn't look very big. in my RS tour experiences, we were always on a big bus except for occasionally moving to smaller vehicles to get to a spot the big bus couldn't get to. Afterwards we returned to the big bus.

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It doesn’t appear to be a full size bus but I suspect it is. I counted at least 11 rows of seats. And in the single pair by the mid bus stairs. That’s at least 46 seats.

ETA. I think the camera Rick is using makes the bus look look smaller than it is.

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Plus a lot of people are in the seats in the front of the bus (maybe due to the filming?) and many are in both seats.

On my Best of Ireland in 14 Days tour last summer, people were more spread out all the way to the back. BTW, there are exit stairs about in the middle, right behind the Guinness, Guinness and more Guinness guy in the white shirt.

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It's a full size coach. A regular full size coach is 42-50 seats. It's also four across seating.

The coach seems smaller due to the camera angle and having most people up front.

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I did the My Way Alpine tour last summer and yes, you’ll be on a full size, nice bus. Our driver was amazing and highly experienced in the mountains! He was also very friendly and kind. You’re going to have a blast, it’s a beautiful trip!

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I have done this tour. Yes, it was a full-size bus. Lots of room to spread out. I travelled solo on this tour and had a seat to myself each time we took to the road. There is a door at the front and one farther back, too. I agree that the bus in the video is full-size and just looks a bit truncated because of camera perspective.

The What's Included section of the tour information says: A small, friendly group of 24–28 people will share our big, comfy bus during the trip, but not do organized sightseeing together.