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RS Tour with teens in 2020?

I want to take my 14 year old granddaughter on a RS tour summer 2020. My first choice is the BOE14, if there are other teens on the tour. I would consider the Amsterdam-Rome Family Tour, but I think the BOE14 has a better itinerary.
If you are also looking into tours with teens in 2020, please respond here.

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Take a look at the two Family Europe tours. You’ll have a much better chance at having folks that age. And, kids get a nice discount on the tour price. 2020 dates not available yet, probably will be in July but check with the tour office. EDIT: seems you looked at those already, sorry. But, you chances of having compatible teens on the BOE tour are small given the usual RS tour demographics.

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The summer departures of BOE14 do get more teens than other times of year. This summer, for instance, I see at least 3 late June departures in a row with 6 or more teenagers aged 14-18 (which are the only dates I checked). But it's obviously not predictable.

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Annie, Laura brings up a good option. Why don't you call the tour office with the dates you're considering and see if any teens are already signed up? That said, we have taken our grandchildren on 4 different RS tours, only one of them a Family Tour (waaaay back when there was only one itinerary) and they have loved every minute of each tour. Some young adults and some 'older' teens were on those tours also. Those tours were GAS, Paris and the South of France and Village Italy. We are currently planning for the Adriatic tour in 2020 when they will be 19 and nearly 21 respectively. Their first tours were at age 8 and 9 (that was the Family Tour-fabulous!!!). I can't think of a better way to introduce your Granddaughter to the joys of traveling in Europe-what an amazing teaching opportunity! I am taking my two oldest Grandgirls on the Paris city tour this July.

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We took the London-Florence trip in 2016 with our then 14 year old daughter and she had a blast! It was great having so many other kids on the trip. Their ages ranged from 12 to 22. It was also nice to have an additional guide who took the kids through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and structured their tour for their interests. My very shy daughter had no issues going with their group at that point, as she was so comfortable with them all. We are planning on taking the Amsterdam-Rome family trip in 2020 to celebrate her high school graduation. Although she will be a legal adult, she’s very excited about taking the family tour again. I should also add that it was nice to have a chance to hang out with the adults while the kids played games, swam, etc., at various stops. But frankly, I think you’re going to have a great time which ever trip you take!

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Thank you all for your responses. I will check with the RS tour office periodically to see how many teens are signed up for BOE14 2020. Keep on traveling!