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RS Tour Hotel Changes

We registered for the RS Basqsue Country (S&F) 9 day tour last November which will be our 19th RS tour. Later we received correspondence from the RS travel folks telling us of our first and last tour hotels which said that if we wanted to book stays either before or after the tour that we contact the hotel directly. We did this and book several days prior to the start of the tour and one day after the tour was over. On February 4th we received correspondence from the RS travel folks telling us that there had been a change with the last tour hotel and giving us the name of the new "last hotel". I immediately contacted the prior "last hotel" requesting that they cancel our reservation and refund any charges to date. I also contacted the new "last hotel" asking for a reservation for a one night stay after the tour is over. Shortly, I received an e-mail from the first "last hotel" saying that my reservation was booked at the discounted rate with no changes or cancellations possible and that we would be forfeiting the 175E that had already been charged against my credit card. I also got an e-mail from the new "last hotel" saying they had an interior room double for 166E. Their web site lists this room for 100E but when I tried to book thru their web site I was told that no rooms were available for the date requested. I think we will not reserve the new "last hotel' for the extra night but return to the earlier "last hotel" as to not lose any more money. Next time I will pay more and get a rate that is refundable or changeable.

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Call or email the RS office to have them contact the hotels. I emailed them about a hotel issue and they were helpful.

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That is not very nice of the first last hotel.. they get tons of business off the RS tours so you would think they would be a bit nicer about the cancellation.. I guess to me it would depend on did RS cancel staying at that hotel.. or did the hotel cancel out on the tour.. if the latter they should let you go gracefully.. if the first.. then perhaps I understand a bit.

Also not impressed with the price gouging of new last hotel.. one price for tour members another for the public.. so not impressed.

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That is not very nice of the first last hotel..

Which may be an indication of why it is no longer the last hotel for the tour. Could be a sign of changed management or other issues making the hotel less friendly to the RS tour members.

not impressed with the price gouging of new last hotel.

The hotel may have reserved a block of rooms for the RS tour members and is worried about not selling them? And is it that exact room that is listed on the web site for €100, or a similar one? Maybe the one reserved for the RS tour members is a nicer room?

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Thanks for the head's up! I usually book extended days as soon as I get my tour confirmation since I know the hotels do sell out. I would be extremely disappointed if this happened.

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That is not very nice of the first last hotel.

I’m not sure “niceness” enters into the discussion. Charlie, you are an experienced traveler so let me ask this: did you knowingly book a non-refundable rate at the first hotel? If so, the hotel is under no obligation to make good. As you are a very good RS customer I think you stand a better chance of getting them to help you out, maybe a credit or some such. As for the new hotel, try contacting them by phone. I’ve found that works best when we are on a RS tour and I’ve never paid more than a website listed rate, often less. But, if you can’t get any money to offset your pre-paid reservation at hotel #1, you’ll probably want to stay there. Make sure they held your room.

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Could you PM me the name of the hotel in question? We are scheduled for the same tour in September and just got notified of our first & last hotel. Thank you.

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My experience is way out of date but sometimes the hotel pricing algorithm will give you the ‘no rooms available’ message when booking for a single night. They’re looking to sell a room for two nights or more at that €100 per night. So, when a human at the hotel got your email, they manually decided to sell it at €166.

I know it sucks, but the pricing algorithms are designed to make the hotel a profit. Anyway, that’s my wildest of WAGs

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I’ve had this happen before on a RS tour. I had a similar situation where I had to change hotels when the tour ended.

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I accidentally booked a non refundable room on my RS tour of Turkey. I later found a nicer hotel in Istanbul for less money, but got stuck paying more to be farther away. Not exactly the RS recommended way to travel. It was a lesson I learned very well. Never book non refundable anything unless the discount is at least 50%. Then it MIGHT be worth the risk.

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I accidentally booked a non-refundable room for the last night on an RS Spain tour. When the hotel was changed, I realized my mistake and figured I was out the money. I happened to mention it in passing to our tour guide after arriving; he was nice enough to call and speak to someone he knew at the property and got us a refund!