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RS tour "freebies"

Quick question. I booked a tour for my wife and I and noticed it said the tour comes with a money belt, guide book, phrase book and earplugs. Does each person get all of the above or since we are going as a couple do we only get 1 set of each? Wondering if I need to get another money belt.


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I seem to recall we got too much stuff.. And you really don't need two moneybelts.. only thing you need to stick in it are passports a credit card, and some excess cash, but I do seem to recall getting two..

Suggest you just ask them.. they answer questions happily.

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No…..couples get 1 set of ear plugs. They have to decide who gets the left ear plug or the right ear plug.

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One guidebook.

Too bad the e-book version of the guidebook isn't offered as an option or in addition to the hardcopy.

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The only thing that you do not get two of is the Guidebook (for our trip of the Best of Europe 21 day) which is unfortunate. Everyone recommends tearing your book apart to just take the sections you want. Well I like having the whole book together it is part of the souvenir after the fact. If we had gotten two we could have torn up one and keep the other intact. Also no need of sharing ear plugs you get two sets. You will get two phrase books also.

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As stated you get 2 money belts, 2 earplugs and we only got one phrase book and one guidebook. Like the previous person we would have loved a second guidebook to have one intact version at home as a souvenir. We both wore our money belts and we took extra sets of ear plugs from home. Enjoy your trip.

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Haha...Not looking for an extra set of earplugs. Just thought it would be nice for each of us to have a money belt. That is a bummer to hear you only get one guidebook...I was anticipating cutting a guidebook up to take the relevant sections with us. At a minimum they really should at least give you an ereader version too (zero cost to them). After all we did pay full price for both of us.

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In our early years traveling with RS, we received two of everything in the pre-tour kit. I heard a lot of comments from fellow travelers that receiving two books per couple was wasteful and I'm assuming that influenced the decision to send just one guidebook. Because I cut one book up and spiral bind the parts I want to take with me (tearing the pages out as I go), I like to have a whole one at home. When they switched over to sending one book per household, I said that we each would like a copy of the guidebook and they've always sent them to me. I don't look at these items as "freebies" as we are each paying for the tours.

Now, regarding the money belts - We each wear a money belt and I can't imagine being comfortable with just one of us carrying both passports and the other contents. Years ago, we were on a ferry from Capri to Salerno. As we were pulling out from a stop (Positano, maybe?), a woman started yelling that her husband had gotten off the ferry, but that she had missed the stop while she was sick in the bathroom. Great husband, I know. But, the thing that has stuck in my mind was that he had all their money, credit cards and I.D. The ferry certainly wasn't going to turn around, so she was headed to the next stop empty handed and without her husband. This was before we all had cell phones in our pockets, so I hate to think of the hassle she faced. Without access to money and I.D., I'm sure it was much worse.

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Just received our delivery of tour 'goodies'; we're a party of 3 going on the 14d Best of Europe itinerary this summer, and we received:

  • 3 money belts
  • 3 French/German/Italian phrase books
  • 2 Best of Europe 2015 guide books
  • 1 Munich/Bavaria/Salzburg 2015 'snapshot' book
  • 3 sets of Earplugs
  • 3 Europe 2015 Tour souvenir patches

Hope this info helps, would suspect you'll both be getting money belts. Enjoy your trip!

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Yes, everyone gets money belts.

About tearing up the guide books. When you decide to go back you will buy the newest edition of the guide book for that area for that year. It really is space and weight saving to tear them into sections but it is hard to get past tearing up a book!