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RS Switzeralnd Tour: Time in Zermatt

If you've been on Switzerland tour, can you tell me how much time is spent in Zermatt? Zermatt is a stop on a long bus day between Lugano and Murren so I'm guessing there isn't time to go to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

I'm guessing the time in Zermatt might depend on the weather to some extent.

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Hi Eric:

I took this tour and we got about 4 - 5 hours. We walked around Zermatt and it was poring rain. Instead of taking the local train to get a better view of the Matterhorn, we went to the museum in Zermatt. The museum was interesting, but it would have been nice to see the Matterhorn. You are right in that it totally depends on the weather.

I took the tour in late May

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Travel time from Zermatt ZBAG-lz lift station to Klein Matterhorn is 25 minutes each way. The SBB schedule also suggests a 15-minute walk time between the lift station and the regular train station (for instance). If the weather's good, you can grab a supermarket sandwich and head on up.

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Hi. I went on this tour last July. I can't recall exactly how much time we spent in Zermatt. Sometimes traffic from northern Europe to Italy, or in the opposite direction, can slow travel down. Also, on leaving, we hustled to catch a specific train in order to catch (for lack of a better term) the bus train. There is a train that the bus can board which cuts through mountains and saves lots of time. Anyway, traffic was a factor re our time at Zermatt.

The weather was good with clouds obscuring the Matterhorn for most of the time. Many of us elected to take the Sunnegga funicular and lunch at the restaurant there. Good rösti, outdoor seating. While there, the clouds almost cleared. I have a few nice pics of the peak. When we returned to the town below, the clouds totally shifted, and we were able to get clear photos of the peak. Very lucky.

Several tour members, in little groupings, lunched at Sunnegga. Others attempted to continue on taking a higher lift. I think most of those folks were disappointed. They got anxious about time to return and did not have the relaxing time we did at Sunnegga. They also did not get the snaps we did from the restaurant porch.

Even if it had been dreary or rainy, I think I would have enjoyed being at Sunnegga over eating in the town. While Sunnegga was not empty, it did not have near as many folks visiting as did the lower town. I hope this helps in some way.


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Hi Eric, we did this tour in Sep 2016. I think we spent about 3 hours in Zermatt, including lunch. We bought sandwiches at the train station and ate them sitting on a bench at the first lift stop (Sunnegga). FYI, there is a small restaurant/snack bar at the stop but it was crowded.

We had the option to take a second cable car to a higher stop but there was an additional cost and we didn't have a lot of time. We had a very good view of the Matterhorn from where we were so we walked around for about an hour hoping for the clouds to clear. They finally did and we got some great photos.

We took the cable car back down to Zermatt and walked around the shops for about a half hour before meeting up with the tour group again.

A very good day. Great tour, hope you enjoy it!