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RS South Italy 9/30 - transport questions

My wife and I are on RS Best of South Italy tour starting 9/30. When the tour ends on Saturday morning, 10/12 in Naples, we will need to get from our hotel (Palazzo Turchini) to Florence SMN via train. I have some questions I hope someone can help me with: 1) I want to buy tickets in advance for the “fast train”, but am not sure what time to plan for. That morning the tour ends after breakfast, so for anyone else who has done that tour, do you think we would be ready to depart the hotel at 10am, so I should set up a taxi for a 10am pick-up at the hotel? If our train departs at 12pm, would that give us enough time to make the train? Can we make an earlier train? Does anyone know how far the walking is inside the station to the platform, etc.? Don’t want to be stressed trying to get to the station and on the platform in time. 2) Wondering if there are other tour members who will also be going to the Florence station when the tour ends so maybe we could all ride-share together? Is that something our tour guide can help coordinate? Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance.

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I've not done this tour but there is never any scheduled activity on the last day of the tour. People eat breakfast on their own and leave on their own. Some with early transport arrangements may leave before breakfast, others may have plans for later in the day. I'd think 10A would be fine and your hotel can arrange that taxi pick up for you. They can tell you how much time you should plan for the travel time from the hotel to the train station. I like to be there about 30 minutes before departure just so I can get a snack, find the bathroom, etc. Two hours is likely WAY too much time. What time is the earlier fast train to Florence?

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In my experience, tours really end the night before after the final group dinner. On my last tour, some folks just stayed up as they had taxis to catch at 3 am for early flights back.

I guess what I am saying is, just leave when you want...if having breakfast works for you, do that. I would set up the train and taxi at whatever time works for you to get to Florence. You probably won't see most of your tour pals that day anyway.

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I agree with the others--leave when convenient for you, you won't be eating as a group.
I like to plan this type of day to travel between checkout and check-in times, and I pick up a picnic lunch at the station to eat on the train.

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Here's a map of Napoli Centale station: Like many in Italy's big cities, this is a dead-end station, with access between the platforms all on one level, shops and other services mostly on another floor, and escalators in between.

Your guide probably will coordinate whether it works for anyone to leave together by taxi, but many people will likely be heading to the airport or staying in place another day. Taxi on your route will probably cost around 10 euros (confirm an estimate or fixed rate with your hotel).

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We took this tour in May 2018. We stayed at Mercure Napoli Centro Angioino which looks very near to your hotel. After breakfast, we walked a block to the Metro and took it to Napoli Centrale - very easy and the metro is very nice. Our train left at 9:30 am and I'm guessing we were there by 9. We had pre-bought our tickets back to FCO. As others have said only about 1/2 the tour shows up at breakfast on the last day because they leave before dawn for early flights home. The tour guide is always there.

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It’s been my experience with 5 RS tours that the guide will try to get an idea the last full day of who is leaving and who can ride share.

When you get to the station, you just watch the board for your train’s platform to be posted and then head for your train car. There was plenty of time to find our car before departure.

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You will love the South of Italy tour. We took the tour in May. If your last night is at Grand Hotel Oriente like ours was, the hotel will call a taxi to take you to Napoli Centrale train station. There is nothing planned at breakfast so you can leave whenever you want. Except for spending the night at the hotel, the tour really ends after the farewell dinner.
Buy your train tickets on Trenitalia website before you leave home. I printed them out mainly because I like paper backup but you can also use their app. Due to crazy traffic and getting to the train platform on time, give yourself at least 45 minutes to get to the terminal; it’s probably more like 1/2 hour but I’d hate to miss the train. (If anyone thinks this timing is off please correct me. We spent the night beside the train station at Hotel Stelle after returning our rental car at Naples Airport on our way to Venice.)

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Stayed at this same hotel on the South Italy tour in May. It's only about a 10 minute ride at worst to the train station. If you have your tickets ahead of time, all you have to do is read the board to see which track (binario) your train will be on. Our tour guide made sure everybody had their final transportation worked out, and I actually shared a cab with another couple and the tour guide to Napoli Centrale. Depends on when you would like to leave. You should have no trouble in making a 10 am train to Florence. Depends on how early you want to get to Florence. Let your guide know when your train is, and she (or he) will make sure you have transportation to the train station.

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Hi Drew - My husband and I are on the same tour. Looking forward to meeting you and your wife. When tour ends, we are heading back to FCO, probably around the same time. From replies, sounds like we should purchase our train tickets before we leave home. Thanks for posting as the replies are very helpful.

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Reply to Janet of Walnut Creek - thanks for your message. Look forward to meeting you as well. My wife and I both lived in CA for many years, so we already have that in common! See you soon! Drew & Debbie