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RS Rome Hotel

Does anyone know which hotel and its location in Rome RS uses for his Best of Rome and South Italy tours?
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Hi Tara, Can't speak for anyone else, but on my tour when I'm in Rome Aug 31 - Sept 3, I'm at the Hotel San Carlo.


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I would contact Steves office directly and ask. Once we were in Hotel Sonya in Rome and one of the Rome/Italy tour groups was there. I think they use a variety of hotels depending on availability. Sonya is just south of Termini and across from the Opera House. Great location and our favorite hotel when in Rome.

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I'm with Frank on this. I think there are at least a handful the tours use. I've stayed at both Hotel Sonya and Hotel Nardizzi Americana on different RS tours. I know some tours also used to stay at Hotel Aberdeen as well.

If you've got a tour date in mind, I'd call the office.

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Hotel Aberdeen on my 17 Days Best of Italy near Termini station
Lancelot Hotel on 7 Days Best of Rome near the Colosseum

Both central locations
And enjoyed both, Lancelot a bit more because fresh flowers and more common areas for gathering. It felt more like you were in someone's home.

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Tara, to find out what a hotel is near just google the hotel then input the address into google maps.

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The hotels change depending on the trip. If you are going over early to join a trip, you can call or email the office and they should be able to give you that information. If you are going over independently his guide books list a bunch of possibilities.

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In September 2015, I took both City Rome and Southern Italy tours back to back. The City Rome Tour stayed at Hotel San Carlo. The Southern Italy Tours stayed at Hotel Smeraldo. Of the two, I much preferred Hotel San Carlo. The room was spacious, the staff friendly, and really enjoyed the terrace for breakfast and an occasional cocktail.

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We were in the Hotel San Carlo for our VFR tour in May, and I agree with Debra's positive comments above. The hotel is a couple of blocks from the Spanish Steps.

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If you do the location search in Google Maps itself, instead of a generic web search, then the map function will provide all the other info they have about that business.