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RS Portugal Tour

We are taking that tour beginning on June 13. Anyone else?

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I've also been looking at the Portugal tour for next year, but not sure which one I'll be able to take. It's shaping up to be a busy year, as I have two weddings to attend, so I'm trying to figure out how to fit those in with my travels.

EDIT - I just had a look at the costs and taking the tour would add more than $1100 just in currency exchange at today's rates. I'll have to ponder this for awhile.

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I'm definitely not going June 13th....I went last June (a little later in the month though.) I think you enjoy yourself immensely. The Portuguese people were extremely nice and friendly and the food and wine good. I spent a few extra days in Lisbon before the tour started but flew home right after it was over (I had been in France prior to Lisbon or I would have spent more time in Portugal.) I don't know if this is mentioned much or you have interest: but I read a guidebook and found there were lots of Neolithic sites near Evora. As a lover of Neolithic sites I asked the guide if we would be driving anywhere near them and she said no, but offered to arrange a private tour on our half free day in Evora. Myself and another person went and we saw one impressive stone circle, one standing stone and a portal tomb (which was in rough shape-but still cool.) The monuments in their own right were great, but nobody else was there. I could touch stare at, photograph etc. as much as I wanted. The other thing I would mention is that it was extremely hot while I was there. Take head protection and lots of sunscreen. Enjoy!