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RS Iceland Guide Book

I see that RS is publishing a new guide book for Iceland. It says it will be available on March 27. Can a RS tour of Iceland be far behind?

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Are you running out of tours to go on with RS? Honestly, I don't think RS can contribute much to the fine tourist infrastructure found in is super easy to travel there independently and there are very little barriers for tourists (the only formidable one is cost). Plus, there is quite a lot of competition to take visitors around all over the island with a variety of outfitters. There is virtually no traffic for anyone who rents a car. Icelanders speak English and communicate well. Credit cards work everywhere and are preferred to cash. The language is a bit tough, but that's about it. This small, sparsely populated place is already overrun with tourists to almost the breaking point. If there is a tour someday, I'd hate to see the price tag (it will probably be twice as expensive as the Scandinavia tour).

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We visited Iceland last summer at the end of August 2017. I have to say we weren't on an official tour but did a ton of research. Unfortunately the weather SUCKED! We are from the Pacific NW and are use to the rain and wind but it was pretty bad. We did enjoy walking around Reykjavik even if you don't mind paying $25 US for a hamburger. We went on the Golden Circle tour with our rental car. Lots and lots of tour buses. I was disappointed in this part of our trip. Our highlight was our trip to the Blue Lagoon. Yes, it was crowded but something everyone should experience. Nevertheless we were glad to leave and won't be going back anytime soon or in the near future. At least we can say we been there and done that. Good luck and enjoy for anyone traveling there in the future. Larry

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It would be lovely. Definitely a departure from the museum laden tours currently offered. A naturalist versus a history buff and a small group bus for all terrains. Hiking, Glacier Climbing, Whale Watching, Lava Tubes, Waterfall Gazing, Camping... just a lovely dream. It would be nice but I don't think the profit margin would be high enough to make it reasonable.

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Charlie, an Iceland guided tour would be pretty far behind, e.g., not in the plan for now. See also the Webmaster's comment on the new Iceland section of this Forum. I frankly think this new guidebook will be everything most travelers need, especially if you're happy to drive.