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RS Holland and Belgium tour

I’m trying to decide on a tour in fall of ‘24. I prefer to travel as much off season as possible but I notice that Sept 11-21 is the latest time this tour runs. I guess this is one of their least popular tours? I notice they just don’t have many running per year. Has anyone done this tour in the fall? I could do this as an independent traveler but parts of the tour really sounded great.
The last time I was there was in the end of February into early March 10-12 years ago. I remember everything being very uncrowded and easy but I realize there is more tourism all year long these days. Can’t decide…

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Hi Lyn, I did this tour several years ago and enjoyed it very much. I took a spring tour that included a visit to the Keukenhof Gardens, amazing, not to be missed! We arrived as the gates were opening and had the place to ourselves for an hour.

It’s an interesting itinerary. I especially enjoyed bicycling around Bruges (best chocolate ever), Flanders, and Amsterdam. I spent a few days in Paris pre-tour and a few days after in Amsterdam.

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Hi Lyn, I just came off this tour two weeks ago. I can’t answer your question as to why they do not run as many of this tour as they do of other tours ( guessing weather?), but I can tell you that it is a fantastic tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the itinerary and all of the planned activities. If you can go in the Spring, I would highly recommend it as the Keukenhof Gardens are not to be missed and are only open about 6 weeks starting the beginning of April (I think). It was spectacular! They go to the Alsameer Flower Auction on the other tours that don’t include Keukenhof and I don’t think that would be half as fun. But if Fall is your window of opportunity then I would still highly recommend this tour. I loved it.

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I agree with Donna and Lori…took this tour in 2019 and loved it! While I’ve not done Belgium and Netherlands in the Fall I’ve traveled to England and France a number of times in Sept and October and it’s an excellent time to travel! With the exception of Keukenhof on the Spring tours, I’d see no reason not to take it in the Fall.

I wonder if they have fewer departures because they have fewer guides qualified to lead this tour? I can think of 4, one of whom leads a bunch of France tours.

I’d go for it! I also recommend you go early by a day at least. I love Hotel Harmony where this tour sometimes starts. In fact I did a Road Scholar tour that stayed elsewhere and did my pre-tour nights at Harmony, lol. Chocolates on the Breakfast buffet? Yes, please!!

I actually spent a week plus before the tour in Paris. It is an easy train ride to Brussels and a quick train out to Ghent.

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I've seen in past years where the RS tour office opens more dates as the existing tours fill up. I don't think they extend the dates earlier or later as much as fill in the gaps or have a different starting day of the week.

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Thanks for the inputs y’all. Pam, your comments about how many guides RS has actually makes sense. I’d never thought about that possibility. Your description of your trip was a big reason I’m interested in doing this tour. I know I could do Brugge and Amsterdam by myself again in the late winter but once you take a few RS tours you really appreciate all they bring to the table and want more.

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Stan and I actually preferred Alsemeer Flower Auction to Keukenhof. I know that puts us in the minority, but we found the auction action fascinating. Millions of flowers being transported by automated vehicles, somehow each avoiding all the others... And seeing how the auction itself is performed was a surprise. We were mesmerized.