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RS Greece Alums-left side or right side of bus?

Just wondering if we should plan on snatching seats on the right side or left side of the bus for more scenic views? I’m thinking left since that may give sea/coastline views, but wondering what the alums have to say. My husband will probably nap, but I plan to enjoy every scenic moment!
Also, do folks generally stay in the same seats or do they move around?
We go in October.

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I honestly can’t remember but I think the right side? In any case, yes, people should move around and the guide will mention that. Occasionally we’ve seen people who hog the good seats (up front) and they are referred to as “those people” from then on. Don’t be those people!

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To the best of my recollection we sat on both sides. What I do remember was that more than have of the tour members suffered from motion sickness. We were fine, but many used medication along the way. Everyone who was tolerating the ride were happy to change seats to accommodate those who were not feeing well. The guides we've had encourage people to move around.

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Guides have always encouraged people to choose different seats on different days: left/right, front/back.

I'd be really surprised if the best views were always on the same side. I recall a couple of times ( on different trips) where there was a specific view on one side and the driver turned around and came back so all could have a view.

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It depends on the bus used on the tours, but I find that on many of them the seats on the right side between the front door and the middle door seem to have just an inch or 2 more leg room. Can't really say the view is better consistently on either side.

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The best view will change constantly as you go along, just don't monopolize the front seats. It's a fantastic tour and if Colin is your guide you will gain a great appreciation for Greek history, culture, food, and daily life. Enjoy!

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I think you will find as it doesn’t really matter that much where you start out for the day. The buses are large and the tour group usually takes up about half the seats so you will be able to change sides when you think there’s a good view. Frankly, I think all of the Greek countryside has good views! As others have said though, please do be mindful of those prized front seats. They aren’t my favorite so I don’t worry about it at all! And for those who get car (bus) sick, in my opinion, the stability of the middle of the bus is much easier on your stomach!

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Left side! (my husband says that's the side he leans on when he sleeps). Also, it's the side the ocean is on when leaving Athens. Once you're into the hills, it doesn't really matter.

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Back seat, lest motion sickness on the cliffs, and you get to see both sides.

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The bus is big enough that if you are a husband-wife pair ( or whatever pairing), one sits on one side and one on the other and as the bus winds its way along someone is positioned to capture a photo or say 'come here'

RS encourages folks to move around the bus, so you get your place for that day, but the next day try somewhere else.

As I recall winding through Greece the 'best view' kept moving!

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I did this tour several months ago and cannot remember there ever being a 'better side' of the bus. you will end up with a pair of seats each most likely and you never 'hog' the same rotate, the people who have motion sickness clearly need to sit where they are most comfortable. Moving around the bus allows you to converse with others and get to know them too which is nice. Definitely don't be 'those' people! Much of Greece is rocky and olive trees as far as you can see, the scenery did not change much in my opinion apart from when we went to the coast or villages.

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The only time I remember one side being any better than another wasn't on the bus at all, but on the cog train to Kalavryta. As I recall, the scenic side was the right side as you face forward. I'm sure your guide will tell you well in advance which to grab.

On the bus, a lot of the driving is on twisting roads, so the scenic side (when there's only one) is constantly changing. Most of the best scenic views were not even on the bus :-)

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Just seconding "don't be THOSE people." We've taken 2 RS trips and the only annoyance that we encountered were "those people." On both trips the excellent guides told everyone to move around but on both trips there was one or more "deaf" or obstinate souls. On our second trip (to Sicily) the guide finally firmly suggested that the offender consider sitting elsewhere.

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As I remember, the absolutely best views were actually from the top of the bus, although not so much if it was rainy.

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I too, hope you get Colin as your guide. He is phenomenal. As for the question, I believe I sat on the right side of the bus more often than not and enjoyed both sides.