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RS Spain in 14 Days - last day question

The last day itinerary indicates that "Breakfast is provided but there are no group activities today." Am I correct in my understanding that we are free to leave at any point that day? We will be flying back to Barcelona sometime during that day and I"m trying to figure out if an early morning flight would be doable or if we'd be cutting our tour experience short. Also debating where we want to spend that last day before we leave to come home. More time in Sevilla or more time in Barcelona? We will be spending four days in Barcelona in advance of our tour fyi.

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I advise against leaving early on he last day of the tour. This may even mess up the day before the last day, as during the farewell dinner you may be thinking about how you have to get up at the crack of dawn on the next day. Leaving early sort of breaks the magic spell associated with the RS tour experience. We enjoy pre- tour travel more than post-tour, since whatever you do after the tour ends seems anti-climactic. In addition, the RS tour is a bit tiring (in a good way). It is still nice to ease back to your regular life in the US.

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There are no tour activities on the last day but breakfast. Breakfast is scheduled between certain hours and you may or may not run into other tour members at breakfast. You can leave when you want.

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I avoid a really early flight on the last day because I want to enjoy the final night’s dinner and socializing without worrying about packing and an early wake-up. I often add an extra day at the end of the tour and have always enjoyed the extra relaxed time before going home.

There are always some people leaving early, some late, some heading straight home, some traveling elsewhere. Whatever works for you will be fine!

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I concur with the three above posters. Enjoy the last evening without having to stress about your departure early the next morning. We stayed one more day in Sevilla, then two nights in Cordoba, then two in Madrid again, to fly home. (In May, we still had to test to fly home and wanted to give ourselves time to get that done in Madrid.)

That said, there were quite a few people who did leave early, mostly to make their connections, since Sevilla doesn't have many direct flights.

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There are no group activities on the final morning of the tour. You are free to depart anytime including before breakfast without missing anything. Some tour members have very early flights while others choose to extend their stay.

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I assume you booked RT flights to and from Barcelona. You don’t indicate how many days you have before your flight home. If you have time a trip to Cordoba is more than worth it. Get to Barcelona at least the day before your flight home. Don’t risk missing that! Barcelona is great but I think your pre-tour time and the time spent on tour is sufficient. Also, look into a train from Sevilla to Barcelona. It looks longer but by the time you deal with airport hassles it probably adds another hour or two to your journey and it’s a lot more comfortable.

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You’re free to leave anytime that day. Before we were retired, we had to figure out how to use our allotted vacation days. We chose to arrive 2-5 days early to see another location before meeting up for our tour. That didn’t leave us any time to stay beyond the last day of the tour. The last breakfast was usually low-key because people were getting ready to leave or had already left. I felt like the previous night finale dinner was the big, fun group farewell.

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Of all the 8 RS tours this was the only one we left after the tour ended, never again! Take the time to savor quite time and
exploration. BTW this wasn't our first tour.......what was I thinking?