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RS Alumni gathering in January 2015

I'm coming back this year after a five year break. Since 2002 I've enjoyed several tours, attended earlier alumni groups, and plan to reconnect with former fellow travelers and guides. Larry from Springfield OR would like to hear your thoughts and experiences about past gatherings, and benefits of the alumni gatherings. We all, of course, love to talk travel and see friends, yet can you also recount an unexpected joy, or special surprise? Thank You. P.S. Not sure if this is a true subject for the travel forum, but anyone who might want to comment about the alumni gathering please do. RS headquarters in Edmonds feels, to this traveler like Europe's Backdoor. The alumni days each year can be another door, to friends, to memories and to planning more travel.

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Actually, I went last Jan and didn't see anyone from the tour except the guide. Well, I did see someone from the tour in Starbucks in Edmonds but it was really random as she lives in the area. I did, however, enjoy the classes as usual. This year alumni from my 21 day BOE a number are planning to go and I look forward for reminiscing with them!

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Pam my first alumni time had a couple of points in common with yours, as many of the folks on my first tour were not northwesterners so did't come to Seattle. The next group was opposite, with a dozen from the tour meeting, sharing pictures and stories. All this helped keep my travel memories recharged.