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I am going on a tour next spring. There will be 3 people: one couple and one single. Questions: Would the couple pay separately from the single or best to pay all together? If we pay separately, how would they know we are traveling together? And will our rooms be next to each other? Thanks!

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You can tell your guide after your first meet up or as part of your introduction if your guide does that. Will the single be paying for the single supplement? You are doing the 21 day right? (Just realized you may not have been the Kathy who had posted about going on the BOE, so sorry that I think I might have gotten you confused!). The guide does the room assignments as they go.

I'm in Venice right now on the BOE, so 8 or so days in to the tour, and find the location of the single rooms in each hotel has been sort of random but it will be very easy to meet up in the breakfast room even if you are not near each other. Do plan to split up at meals and sit with others.

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Are you going on a RS tour? If so, when you register(ed) one of the forms asks if you are a couple, triple, or single. You need to make that determination as soon as you get those forms as it is the RS Travel Department that allocates rooms to the tour not the guide. There is another place on one of the forms that you indicate who is responsible for paying. I assume you have not gone thru the registration process yet. I have taken 12 RS tours and would be more than happy to give you more information if you so desire. charlie

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Hi Kathy, the online registration process is very easy. As Charlie stated, there is a section that asks if you are a single, couple, triple, etc. This is followed by a box for additional comments. If I understand correctly, your group is a couple in one room and a single in a separate room. The couple could sign up separately from the single person and enter in the comments section "traveling with ---". The single person would enter the same in their comments section. That way you could pay the deposit and balance due separately. You will also be asked to enter your e-mail addresses and will get pre-tour information and guide books mailed to your respective addresses.

The tours kick off with a group gathering where everyone introduces themselves and you can let them know that you are traveling together. Also mention it to your tour guide. I've been on 5 RS tours (3 of them solo) and I'm sure you will all have a great time!

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Kathy: More than likely your rooms will not be together but you could ask your guide at the first nights meeting to place you close together or at least maybe on the same floor. Most of our hotels are small and its easy to meet up in the lobby or the breakfast room. If you are paying separately for the trip then I would register separately. There is a place to mention if you are traveling solo or not. Just explain that you are traveling together but need separate rooms. Then you will need to decide if you want to pay the single supplement or sign up to be placed with a roommate. Its best to have the couple register together and the single register on their own. That way your mailings, communication, etc will go to the correct address.