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Rome 7 day tour

What time of day does the trip begin? Can we fly in overnight and meet the trip, or does it begin in the morning?

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If at all possible, try to fly in at least one or even two days before the tour begins. Weather and mechanical problems do cause flights to be delayed from time to time. Then too, you can use the time to get over the long flight. TC

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The tour info says it starts at 3:00 p.m. but as TC said, it would be best to arrive a day early to get rested and in case of flight delay.

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I have been on 11 RS tours and twice on the Rome 7 day tour. I will tell you from experience that you will have jet lag and you will be tired. Do not make the same mistake I made on my first RS tour which was 7 day london tour and I flew in the same day. It took me a few days to get over the jet lag as I did not have time to rest. On the tour you hit the ground running and are always busy and do not have time to rest or go to bed early or take a nap! You will be touring in the morning and afternoons when you have free time, you will want to see many places, tons of walking, sitting to have a glass of wine or a gelato, going to Churches and just walking the streets to see the city. The first day, you meet in the afternoon, take a walk with the group, go to dinner and take an evening walk. Rest, no, sightseeing, having fun yes. Worth at least one day to go in early!

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We went on the Rome 7-day tour in early October, 2013. On our tour the orientation meeting began at 3pm, an orientation walk started at 4:45pm, and the first night group dinner was at 6:45pm. Since most trans-Atlantic flights arrive in the morning and barring unforeseen delays, you should be able to fly in overnight and meet the trip. Have a great tour.

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My husband and I did the Rome 7 day tour in 2011. We flew in the day before - got reservation at the same RS hotel and spent part of that first day just "being in Rome". Regardless of flight delays - it is such a good idea to just overcome any jet lag (even if you can sleep on a plane). My husband had never been to Rome before and he appreciated just settling in before it all began.

I did the Venice-Florence-Rome tour a few years earlier with my sister and we flew in on the same day the tour was to meet. Neither of us had been to Venice before and we were connecting from Frankfurt. It was a big mistake - we barely made it in time - the meeting had already begun and we had the walk-around and group dinner to get through. It was very stressful and we were very worn-out..