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Rick Steves Paris Hotels?

What hotels do RS tours stay in in Paris, other than the Beaugency and Londres Eiffel? Our 2018 BOE tour ends up in Paris, and we'd like to stay another 3 or 4 days. We've stayed in the past at the Beaugency and the Londres Eiffel, and they're fine, but I wouldn't mind trying something else, perhaps in another neighborhood.

We don't want fancy, something along the usual RS level, or a bit cheaper. We don't need a/c, so that's not a factor; we do like an included breakfast, but that's not a deal breaker.

Thanks for your input.

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During our 2015 BOE Tour we stayed in the 14th (Montparnasse District) at Hotel Apollinaire. It was a little further out than we would've liked, but was comfortable and easy enough for accessing Metro (about a block away). Has AC and includes breakfast. If you like crêpes, you're at Ground Zero.

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On various RS tours I've also stayed at

-Hotel l'Empereur: And oh yes, spring for the extra cost for the rooms with a view of Les Invalides! Gosh, is this gorgeous at night! Stayed here at the beginning of Paris and HOF tour plus an extra night pre-tour.

-Hotel Le M: Montparnasse area - I was traveling solo on the Best of Paris tour and was not totally comfortable on this street. In fact I was coming home after dark with another female tour member and a man approached us. He seemed to be trying to get women to go in to some establishment - not sure if it was a restaurant or bar or what he was up to (neither of us were spring chickens!). He was speaking French and we ignored and walked quickly on. You and your husband might do fine here. The hotel is pretty modern, weird arrangement with the bathroom which had a glass wall facing into the bedroom area. Lots of restaurants in the area. We had a group meal across from the hotel at Aux Iles Marquises which was delicious. Several creperies in the area and well connected with 3 or 4 Metro stops nearby plus Gare Montparnasse. Here for a week on the Best of Paris tour.

-Hotel Montefleuri Paris: Just steps from the Arc d'Triomphe. I did not find this neighborhood appealing. It's pretty commercial, lots of car and motorcycle dealers if I remember correctly and not many places to eat. Just here one night at the end of the Paris and HOF tour. It did not seem creepy, just not a fun neighborhood.

I've also stayed at Hotel du Champ de Mars which used to be an RS tour hotel long ago, I think. Last time I looked their prices were higher than Beaugency. Its right off Rue Cler.

A friend stays often at Grand Hotel Levecque on Rue Cler. I have not stayed there but did visit their room. Seemed like fairly dark hallways and their bathroom was pretty small.

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I stayed twice at the:
Hôtel Tilsitt Etoile
23 rue Brey 75017 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 43 80 39 71 - Fax: +33 (0)1 47 66 37 63 | [email protected]

I found it much more reasonable than the Londres Eiffel. It does not include breakfast but I did buy the breakfast and it had a nice selection of food. It is on a small side street right near the Arc de Triomphe. And although I don't really like that area very much and did not find anywhere to have dinner, the hotel is nice, the breakfast room lovely, they have an elevator and I liked the room. It is more of a modern hotel and not pretty or romantic but more functional and straight lines. It served my purposes, right near a metro, small hotel, good breakfast, nice breakfast room and a nice size bathroom and a quiet room. I stayed the second time and they gave me a discount on the breakfast for being a repeat customer.

They have a sister hotel on the same street, but I do not know anything about it. It is a RS hotel and I stayed in it after the 14 BOE tour. And then again on my own.

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After the RS Paris tour, we moved from the Londres Eiffel to the Hotel du Champs de Mars. It was within walking distance of the Londres Eiffel, and closer to the Metro stop.

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Years ago one RS group stayed at Hotel de l'Alma in the rue Cler area. I stayed there a few months ago and liked it. No a/c but fan was effective (late May). Breakfast cost extra and was the basic French breakfast. It's an easy walk to the Eiffel Tower, rue Cler, several laundromats, the Metro and various buses. So many of my favorite hotels have upgraded and raised their rates that I am looking elsewhere usually. The Castex in the Marais is nice. Hotel Turenne Eiffel (near Napoleon's tomb) is nice in a refurbished sort of way. I've stayed at Grand Hotel Leveque on rue Cler many times. They have a full breakfast buffet. I've stayed at Hotel Jeanne D'Arc in the Marais a few times. They are upgraded now, but still no a/c. Rates are higher than they were, but many of these hotels have rates lower than average for Paris. The area that looks most affordable now and still within range of tourist attractions is Montmartre in the 18th. For accessibility to many Paris areas within walking distance, I like the Marais. It is a short walk to the river, then on across to Isle St. Louis, Notre Dame, and the Latin Quarter.

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Hotel Relais Bosquet. I stayed there in 2015. Great location, very comfortable, nice breakfast, staff very caring and helpful.

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Thanks, all. This is just what I wanted. I'll start checking some of these places out. Hotel Beaugency wants about €150, without breakfast. Although that's just from their website; I haven't emailed them yet to see if there's an RS discount.

And I wouldn't mind exploring a new neighborhood; we've been in the Rue Cler area twice.

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I had a good stay at Hotel de la Paix Montparnasse a few years ago if you want to check their website. It's very close to Luxembourg Gardens. A simple breakfast is included, but it doesn't have as much variety as Londres Eiffel's breakfast if that matters.

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We stayed at the Hotel Le Royal in the 14th on the RS tour I took years ago. It was fine. Not as central as some might like.. but rooms were modern clean etc.

I have stayed in at least a dozen hotels in Paris and only one RS hotel..

I will suggest you look at this hotel.. excellant reviews, excellant location, clean, ac, moderate hotel.
Hotel Diane

I also will push you to look at Hotel Des Grande Hommes.. again, great hotel.. a little pricier than the Hotel Diane.. traditional decor .

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And I will second both Pat and Patricia.
The Hotel Diana is quite nice and I enjoyed my stay there last Fall.
I've also stayed several times at both the Hotel Famillia and it's next door neighbor, Hotel Minerve. They are more traditional in decor but also very lovely.
All 3 are in the Latin Quarter, the 5th arr., and it has a very different feel from the Rue Cler area. There are always people on the street and it's very safe, in my experience.
Rick lists no hotels in the 5th so sometimes it's a little easier to find rooms there.
Or you might consider renting an apartment and feeling like a local ...

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We liked Hotel Lenox Montparnasse. Close to metro, nice breakfast, an honor bar, and coffee whenever you wanted it. The staff were very nice.

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I too would recommend the b-Montmartre. Stayed there as part of the HOF RS tour both at the beginning and the end of the tour. Nicest staff of any hotel ever. Great wine selection in their bar, reasonably priced for a hotel. The included breakfast got a bit repetitive. Subway stop just around the block with lots of restaurants in the round about. Couple of grocery stores nearby. Several wine shops. Multiple banks with ATMs. Try and request a room that overlooks the interior garden area. Much quieter than the street facing rooms. A/C and great WiFi too.

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It was many years ago on our Rick Steves' Paris Tour, but Hotel Londres Eiffel. The rooms were tiny, but very clean, and we LOVED the location...just a block to the Rue Cler. Easy walk to the Eiffel Tower and Metro. Very, very quiet side street away from the noise of the city.
Decent breakfast as I recall. At the time (could have changed), there was a coin laundry catty-corner across the street.

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I believe that at some French hotels, the breakfast is included only as negotiated by RS tours, otherwise not provided or at extra charge. This is what our tour leader told me.

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Maggie, the coin laundry was still open across the street from Hotel Londres Eiffel earlier this year. Another bonus is that the hotel is adjacent to Cafe Constant.

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Thanks again, everyone. I appreciate all the suggestions.

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Didn't you receive the name of the hotel in Paris? I am also doing the BOE in 2018 and received the names of the first and last hotels. In Paris I believe it was the Hotel Mugeut.

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Yes, kimgnagy; our tour ends up at the Beaugency. We were just thinking about trying another neighborhood this time.

As it happens, DH wants to head back to the Netherlands, rather than linger in Paris. I'm amenable, because we're looking at Paris and the Heart of France for 2019.