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Rick Steves Best of Europe in 14 days Tour

So I am booked for the Aug 31–Sep 13 2015 best of Europe tour and I see some dates are being sold out or filing fast. I am curious if somehow my tour does not fill up completely is there a certain cutoff that they will not do the tour? Is there a way of knowing how many people booked the tour so far?

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Your tour will be full or very close. Filling fast means less than 10 spots left. Think it is usually 6.

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My tour does not say that. I was just wondering what happens if somehow that tour date does not sell out is there a certain cutoff of people that they will not actually proceed with the tour. Say if only 8 people book a tour, will it get canceled?

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In order to get the correct information, contact the tour department directly, they will be able to answer your question as they work for the company and will know the facts. I will say that you still have a long way off before the tour for people to book and sometimes they put tours on sale to get people to book a tour when they see it is not selling as quickly as they would like.