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rick steves audio tour

I have tried do download rick steves audio tour on my phone and it keeps giving me a message of (unfortunately rick steves has stopped). anybody else having a problem. Does any body know how to get it fixed

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I don't know if anyone here can help, but if they can, we'll need more information.

Which kind of phone do you have? Are you trying to download the tour on the Rick Steves app or by another method? Exactly which tour are you trying to download?

If you can't download a tour using the app, you can download it from this website, then transfer it to your phone. You don't always get the visual accompaniment that way (depends on exactly which phone and programs and apps you're using).

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Hi. We are aware that a percentage of Android users encounter this issue with our Rick Steves Audio Europe app. We've had a hard time nailing down the exact combination of device and Android OS version(s) that cause this issue in our app, but that is the scenario. While I have alternative suggestions, there is currently no workaround available for the Android app. We are currently rebuilding the Android app from scratch to address this issue. We are aiming for an early April release.

In the meantime, there are other ways to use Rick's audio tours outside of the app. We have podcast and downloadable mp3 versions available which would both work on your Android device.

Also, here's an excerpt from our Podcast FAQ about getting our podcasts to work on Android:
On an Android device, you'll first need to download a podcasting app (we recommend the Podcast Addict app, though many other podcasting apps work fine, too). In the Google Play store on your device, search for the name of the app you want (e.g."Podcast Addict"), then download it to your device. Once it's installed, open it, search for "Rick Steves," select the podcast(s) you'd like to subscribe to, and tap the "Subscribe" button.

The rest of our Podcast FAQ is here:

I hope that helps.

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I am glad to hear work is being down to create a usable Android version. I too have had issues with the app crashing. And yay for a projected April release. Well before my European trip, where I hope to use many of RS self guided walks.