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Rick Steve's tour insurance

I am curious about what what kind of coverage is offered for the 21 day tour. I am contemplating insurance from several sources including just paying with my visa which costs a bit more for the tour but may be worth it. Any thoughts?

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saanquist, when I was much younger and traveled internationally, I never gave a thought to travel insurance. Now that I am considerably older, I get my travel insurance very soon after booking air fare and/or any major tour. I have been using the Travel Guard insurance, the one which RS travel provides information about. It is, I believe, a subsidiary of AIG. I figure I could, not happily, absorb expenses related to lost baggage, delayed flights, even a canceled trip. What I am really insuring myself for is some major injury or illness, or even the need to be evacuated back to the States, which can be hugely expensive. I have known people who faced that situation. It is especially important if you are traveling on your own, or if the person you are traveling with could not just take over and make everything work for you and themselves. I have never even thought that a credit card might offer me that kind of coverage. I think it is important that you make a list if those things that just MIGHT go wrong in your travel plans, and then compare travel insurance plans and what they offer and cost for all those eventualities. Even Travel Guard offers various levels of policy which offer different benefits. Also, and I stress this, many companies including Travel Guard will only cover you for "pre-existing conditions" if you book very soon after your very first payment for a trip, such as a tour deposit or airfare. For Travel Guard that period is 15 days. If you or your travel partner has any problem or condition that might flare up, keep that in mind.

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I have taken 13 RS tours and was going to reply to your question until I read what Sam and Larry replied. They certainly said everything I was going to say. Good advice.

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I don't buy travel insurance preferring to self insure. Except for emergency evacuation insurance. Given the high cost of a medical evacuation back to home, I think that makes sense.

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Well worth it for peace of mind alone! I lost a black pearl ear-ring & was reimbursed for the total limit which was $500 jewelry limit; of course had the receipt & appraisal. Also, have missed & had to pay for hotel room in Venice, Italy, & was reimbursed for that so I felt both times I came out ahead. If you don't use it, still worth it!

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Food for thought as you do your research. Most regular travel policies, in addition to medical coverage itself, include some type medical evacuation coverage. But most USUALLY will only evacuate you to the nearest hospital than can treat you. There is a company named "Med Jet Assist" that has a number of different membership plans. It is NOT medical insurance -- just medical evacuation coverage. As long as you are more than 150 miles from home and in a hospital, they will, if medically necessary, fly you back to your home hospital in a medically equipped jet with medical personnel. Google them and see what you think. I understand there is a diver's organization that also has some sort of evacuation insurance but I'm not familiar with it. Hope this helps.

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What Larry and Barnstormer said. We only started buying trip insurance after one of our RS guides told us that in case of a medical emergency, if we had to be sent home the airlines would insist that the ill or injured person fly first class, with an accompanying attendant. Jeepers. Since then, we've made sure we have at least emergency evacuation coverage. Try to compare rates and buy policies.