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Rick's video message

We loved receiving Rick's video message on the current state of Rick Steve's tours. We have traveled with RS 3 times, and had to cancel our 4th trip, scheduled for May, to Berlin, Prague and Vienna. We are pulling for RS, first because they are such a wonderful, ethical company, and second, because we can't imagine doing Europe any other way! It's so good to know they are planning to be there for us when it's safe to travel again.

Thank you Rick for your uplifting hopeful message. Wishing you and your family all the best with the upcoming wedding.

Louann and Dave Bean

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His message was so genuine and heartfelt. I got kinda choked up. I really appreciated receiving it. This would have been my first RS tour, after many years of using his guidebooks.

When the tours go again, I'll go.

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Was this video sent to those who were joining a RS trip this year?

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I still can’t figured out why I wanted to cry as I watched it. Husband felt sad as well. The message was very positive overall. But still, sad. He really conveyed the message better than anyone that we’re all in this together.

We have a Spain tour in Oct that will likely be cancelled. Just waiting for him to make it official.

We already promised ourselves that we’re rebooking as soon as he starts back up again.

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The video is also on his Facebook page. I agree that he's handled this well and with the health of everyone in mind. Wish our politicians were this caring.

It'll be a long year but hopefully his staff will come through okay and there will be a surge of new clients next year or the year after.

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Lovely message. I'm not sure why we didn't get it in our email (we were signed up for a tour in September 2020) but I watched it on Facebook. Did anyone else signed up for a tour not get the message?

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Thanks for sharing. Truly another hopeful, heartfelt message.

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He is amazing and we got the message this week that we were cancelled and then the video. Shed some tears at both. We will book again with his company. He is ethical, compassionate and seems like he leads with head and heart. This was to have been our fourth trip in about 12 years. Disappointed of course, but not will RSE. We will travel again.....

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In the video, Rick mentions that 24,000 people had signed up for tours. Call the average tour price $3,800, that means that RS is out about 91 million dollars this year. That's a lot of money. I really hope RS tours can hang on.

-- Mike Beebe

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Rick is real. Real is a much needed commodity in today's world.

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Mike, I agree that Rick is out a lot of money and that he is indeed a "class act" in the travel industry. I differ with the amount of money you threw out there. Much of that money would have gone to paying for buses, guides, admissions, etc that were not purchased. He did need to keep paying his home office staff which I am sure is many millions of dollars, but probably not quite as much as you had determined.

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I just watched the video and he is definately a class act. We haven’t been on one of his tours yet, but we were looking at his Turkey tour for 2021. Hope for everyone’s sake, and every country, that this passes soon and we can travel again.

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Just watched the video. Rick's statements are some of the most level and clear headed statements I have heard related to travel since all of this started. Basically, as much as we all may want to hurry back out there and fulfill our travel desires, we need to be cautious and not jump the gun. And this is coming from someone who depends on travel as his source of income so is really hurting because of the shutdown. I couldn't agree more with his statements.

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Just watched the video myself,
Rick thank you for taking the time to put out this message. You are so level headed and conscientious. A breath of fresh air during this time that is much needed. My husband and I were signed up for Sicily this Nov. (our second one) but I have been a fan for along time, my favorite episode is Egypt done around 97. We look forward to re-booking our tour when possible.
Heather Engelsman