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Rick's Top 10 Tours (from Jan newsletter)

In the Jan '23 newsletter from RS at it says

We've filled about 60 percent of our 2023 tour seats and it's fascinating to see which corners of Europe are pushing travelers' "must-see" buttons. If you haven't yet decided on the trip of your dreams maybe this slideshow will inspire you.

It then has a link to

I'm curious about what this means. Do you think these 10 are the tours filling most quickly? The tours with the most space available? Or just his favorites without regard to sales?

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Definitely most popular/Top 10 = tours filling up the fastest. If you look at those 10’s tour dates, you’ll see many with a waitlist and that additional tour dates have been added.

For contrast, look at Berlin, Prague & Vienna. One date has a waitlist, all others have availability, no additional dates have been added. So I chose a less popular tour because I haven’t been to Berlin since 1969, never to Prague and a wanted a tour that ends in Vienna.

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Two words regarding why Sicily is the number 1 tour at the moment: “ White Lotus”.

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I'm signed up for 2 of the 10 this year. Glad I signed up early and got the dates that worked best for me.

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I think he has made similar lists or statements before. My guess is that, historically over several years, these have been the most popular tours by demand.