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Restaurants & Advance reservations on RS Greece

We are going on the Athens & The Heart of Greece tour in October. After reading Jane’s trip report for Eastern France, I realized since food is important to my DH and I, that perhaps advance reservations are needed at restaurants or tavernas in some of our stops. I know about Mani Mani in Athens and we plan to go there, where else?

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Food is important to us too, but I didn't make any advanced plans for food on the Greece tour, and it turned out great anyway. In our opinion, Greece had the most consistently good food of any European country we've been to. The produce is so fresh and there is so much put into making great food by the locals. We didn't have a single bad meal. Also, I'm not sure if it was just how our guide chose to spend his budget or not, but we felt this tour had more included meals than usual, and they were all amazing.

In Delphi and Lakadia we had group dinners. In Kardamyli we ate at Dioskouri Taverna, which was amazing, especially for the lovely views. We did not make a reservation, but we did go early for dinner, so if you want to go at a more usual time a reservation might be good. Our other night in Kardamyli we got supplies at the grocery store and ate a picnic on our hotel balcony at sunset, which was really fun. In Monemvasia we had gyros by the sea for a quick meal and the second night there was a cooking demonstration and a delicious buffet dinner at our hotel. In Nafplio we were there on a holiday, so we had a barbeque together at the hotel the first night and the second night we had a group dinner with dancing in a restaurant. In Hydra we ate at Kryfo Limani, which was delicious and came highly recommended by our guide. We didn't have reservations, but we did not go in high season. We went to Manh Manh for our farewell meal the last night and that was awesome.

I hope you love the tour as much as we did! Would love to hear a trip report when you get back!

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I would echo Tamara’s experience with this tour. Our welcome dinner was at a place called “God’s Restaurant” near the Acropolis Museum. It was one of those place where the guys stands out front and tries to entice you to come in. We usually stay as far away from those places as possible, but we’d gotten so hungry at lunch we ate there, and had a great meal. The guy out front spoke 5 languages and could address people in the there own language. We had to laugh when that was our welcome dinner spot. Our guide did a couple of dinners where for a set price we could join him; these were on our free nights. Other nights he’d give suggestions that always turned out to great. By the time we got to Hydra, everyone trusted his suggestions so much that we all ended up eating at the same restaurants. Consistently great food through the whole trip.

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Thank you Tamara and Patty! We are really looking forward to eating our way through Greece. I will definitely do a trip report when we return.

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I did this tour in April/May of this year. We went to Mani Mani for our farewell dinner and it was incredible! I was glad I didn't go there prior to that dinner because I wanted to try so many places!

If you have a free day before the tour starts, since you're foodies, I highly recommend Alternative Athens' Delicious Athens Food Tour. What an incredible way to see the city and try so many amazing dishes!

For our free evening in Athens I had dinner at Skoumbri on Drakou Street. Incredible seafood if you are a fan! You should be fine without a reservation.

A bunch of my tour friends and I had dinner at the Sunset Restaurant on Hydra. The view is insane! You might want a reservation there, especially if you want a good view of the sunset. Delicious food!

Enjoy the tour! It truly was the trip of a lifetime for me, I loved every minute!

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Mani Mani was one of my favourite restaurants in Athens, but I really enjoyed Kiki's Tavern in Kardimyli. I honestly don't think we ate at any place that wasn't good - the food in Greece is incredible and super fresh. We also ate at Taverna Dion in Delphi and had the best grilled lamb I've ever had (and I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate lamb). I did not make a single reservation anywhere in Greece and had no issues getting a spot.