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Repeating a trip

We did the My Way 14 day Europe and loved it! We loved it so much that we are thinking of repeating it again but guided. My question is, has anyone done this and on days that the guided tour is seeing things we already saw, can we go off on our own? This trip covers so many great sites and I know there are many things we want to see that we missed the first time.Any thought? Thanks!!

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I read the tour description, and there’s a lot of free time built in (this appears to be true of all the RS tours). That being said, my understanding is that it’s fine to skip activities here and there, as long as you tell the guide, and your ‘buddy’, that you are doing so.

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Hi Chriss, we haven’t repeated a RS tour, but we have repeated the towns that we visited on RS tours. In fact, I think by now we have repeated each location on our RS GAS tour and RS 17-day Best of Italy tour on subsequent independent trips. We have stayed 2-5 nights at each of them because, as you said, they is so much more to enjoy in the locations.

During the RS tours, you are welcome to skip an activity. Just be sure to let the tour guide know ahead of time and also your buddy (the person who does a quick check to ensure the group isn’t leaving you behind!). I skipped one of the activities in Paris because I had done it in the previous year, and I had some other plans to do.

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Chriss, we have repeated 2 RS tours: Best of Sicily, and the 21 Day Best of Europe. We repeated the Sicily tour because at the time there were 2 different itineraries. We repeated the BOE because it was my DH's favorite tour, and he suggested we repeat it to celebrate a milestone anniversary. I was so touched that he thought about celebrating at all, that I of course acquiesced.

As others have mentioned, there is lots of free time on most RS tours, and you're always free to skip any given activity (or activities) as long as you let your guide and buddy know.

We have also noticed how much difference the different guides make. Each brings his or her own background, experience, and likes and dislikes to the tour. So it's never really the same tour twice. I'd go for it. Or think about the 21 day tour. It's pretty darned amazing.

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Vote #2 for the 21 day Best of Europe! I would gladly take that one again. It's got some different stops from the 14 day tour.

I agree with Jane about each guide bringing their own take to each location. I've done some locations twice (or more, lol) on various tours and learned new things each time.

I think you'll get a whole different spin with the fully guided tour as well!

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We haven’t repeated a RS Tour, but as Jean mentioned we have repeated some of the towns on independent trips.

On one of our tours a solo traveler from our group ended up skipping most of the group activities. This person had permission from our guide.

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While you are free to skip anything and everything on a guided tour you are paying for those activities as the costs are baked into what you pay for the tour. And, if you do something else instead that involves a fee you are paying double, sort of. It’s an expensive way to go. We’ve occasionally skipped an activity on a RS tour, but to skip a lot would be costly. Consider spreading out a bit-book a tour to someplace you’ve not been and combine it with a few days on the front or back end visiting the most memorable place(s) from your My Way tour where you missed things. Europe has so much to see. Make new memories!