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Refund from RS Tour Cancellation

RS cancelled my Poland tour on June 10 and the money was credited to my Amex card June 13. Just to say, I’m terribly sad for me, and all tour members who were cancelled, as well as the Rick Steves organization. Kudos to Rick for being over the top ethical, professional and prompt.
I’m glad I don’t have to send back the 2020 Tour Patch! Sigh, there’s a tiny bit of hope for travel at Christmas. I know I’m not alone in feeling 😢 sad. Thanks for listening.

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Just realized I have retained the 2020 patch, the tour's guide book, and the flippy pocket thingy. Hoping for a more interesting and travel-friendly 2021!

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I emailed RSE and asked if they wanted us to either return or pay for our unused tour kit. They said to keep it, read the guidebook, and be ready when the tours start up again.

What a class outfit.

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This is a great reason to deal with reputable businesses. I have nothing but praise for the RS tours we have taken. this is a class act for sure!

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While I’ve never taken a RS tour, I would certainly use them if (or when) I find myself wanting a tour and this is the reason why. No playing games about refunds, no three hour waits on hold for customer service and a professional way of doing business.

International tours aren’t cheap, they’re not like buying something online for $20 and never receiving it and giving up in frustration because of excuses and the run around from customer service.

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High class behavior for sure. And think of the collector value of that 2020 patch in a few years! ;-)

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I never thought I would be so disappointed to receive a nice big check in the mail, even if it was a return of my own money.
What a dose of reality!

Thank you, Rick Steves' Europe, for your thoughtful, forward thinking of a great unknown situation. You made the right choice in cancelling the tours until it's a safer time to travel. I'm even more confident that when the time is right, that we have chosen the right company to turn our hopes and dreams into one fantastic, memorable trip. "I'll be back!"

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That 2020 Tour patch might become quite the collector's item!

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Yes, sad. My tour patch for the tour that wasn’t. Maybe a Phoenix rising from the ashes on next year’s?

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Tour patch with dreams on hold. Maybe next year I will do 2 tours to make up for this year.
I will scour the 2021 Tour list as soon as they are announced and sign up for at least one, then possibly 2. Two tour patches to add to my collection.

been hoping for a magic cure, but I guess our Sicily tour wont be happening, however seeing how great RS tours are treating their clients really affirms a loyalty from us, I wonder how many of us are thinking “Back to Back” tours for next year. Even though our dollar exchange rate is abysmal we have always though the tours we have done are worth every penny, and we have enjoyed the company of our southern neighbours very much, (yes Washington you are south to us!)Thank you RS for the great armchair travel you have provided during this pandemic, a bright spot in the day

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Dang Judy, your post spurred me to check my cc statement to see if my refund had been posted only for me to find a whopper of a fraudulent charge that was attempted on my cc today. Oh, the refund was there, btw.

I'll be sorry not to get to travel with you this fall on tour but maybe we'll get to at some other time in the future.


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Let’s try for next year, surely a tour will appeal to us. I have anywhere from 5 tours on my list that are vying for attention.

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"There’s a tiny bit of hope for travel at Christmas."
Of course, Poland at Christmas is going to be colder than Poland in June.

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I was thinking of the RS Paris tour at Christmas but even now I think that’s unlikely. I’m grateful for the traveling I have done in the last few years. What lovely memories and friends I’ve made along the way.