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R.S. Scotland tour April/May. How long in St. Andrews?

For any of you who have taken this tour, can you tell me how long you were actually in St. Andrew’s? DH would love to do the small putting course at the golf club but not sure about time constraints.

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It may be tough to do that. We were there for perhaps 3 hours including needing to find lunch. My brother had lunch and then walked toward the beach and walked partway around the edge of the Old Course. Some walked thru the course to the "bridge". I just asked him and he thought your DH might be able to get in a bit on the putting course. He did not walk over there to look but he did say the course looked pretty crowded. We were there in early June.

You hit there at noon-ish after having seen Culross House in the AM (very cool). If he plans to do this I would organize something for lunch so he can either eat on the bus between Culross and St Andrews or after the St Andrews stop.

Have fun! This is a neat tour.

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He should have time to do a small putting course. At least that is what our tour leader said, but my husband did not do it. We settled for our token picture on the bridge. You arrive at lunch time. Their is so much to do and not enough time!!

We loved our tour. Hope you have James. We was awesome.


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We took the tour in September. Members of our tour were able to do the small putt during the few hours we were there. They even had time to grab a quick snack before getting back on the bus.

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I wasn’t on the Rick Steves Tour, but I loved playing the Himalayas (Ladies Putting Association Course) and strongly recommend it. There is a nine hole version if you feel particularly pressed for time. It is a gorgeous location nestled between the old course and the dunes leading to that gorgeous white sand beach. It was the best part of visiting St Andrews for me. It is also an incredible bargain.

I would think your husband would have time on a 3 hour stop, especially if he heads straight there. You could pick up a small picnic lunch (sandwhiches, etc) .

Here is a link to its website.

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Thanks all! It seems like it will be a possibility at the very least. We will pencil it in and keep our fingers crossed that time and weather are favorable.l

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edgefield: We're on the same tour. I'd definitely be interested in giving this a shot if we can work it in that day.