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questions about the Munich, Salzburg and Vienna tour

Hello, are there any tour alums here who have taken the Munich, Salzburg, Vienna tour, (not during the Christmas market season) and can you please share:

  1. what were the hotels that were used for the tour? (I know I am asking this even if the tour office isn't using the same exact ones now)

  2. how windy (twist and turns, switchbacks) were the roads on the Alpine portion of the tour? (between Munich and Salzburg)

Please, I'm asking to hear from MSV tour alums, not GAS tour alums.
thank you.

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I'm one of those people who hates mountain roads/switchbacks. The only problem section I had on this tour was the drive from Salzburg to Hallstatt, and it was ONLY because the driver chose to go over a mountain on a tiny windy road instead of the usual road. Our guide was not happy with this driver, who was not a usual RS driver.

So, basically, I don't think you need to worry about the roads--I was fine the rest of the time.

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I did go during December, but I do not see how the questions relate to Christmas markets. We stayed at Hotel Torbräu which was very conveniently located. I imagine this hotel is on the routine rotation and not just something booked in December.

I agree the only switchbacks or twisty roads (that I recall) were between Salzburg and Hallstatt. I did not find this problematic as we were not going super fast. The bus driver seemed to know what he was doing.

Enjoy your tour.

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I went on the MSV tour in September and enjoyed it. I had also been on the GAS tour and liked it so much that is why I went on the MSV tour. I had stayed at the Hotel Blauer Bock on my Best of Europe tour but not on my GAS tour. I really like this hotel. I had not stayed at the hotel in Vienna before and did not like the breakfast because they charged for orange juice and I don't drink tea or coffee. Also the breakfast was not very good. The location was excellent and the hotel fine.

No issues with the roads on the tour at all!

The two hotels they used in Munich and Vienna were:
Hotel Blauer Bock
Phone: 011 49 89 23 17 80
Fax: 011 49 89 23 17 8200

Your last hotel is:
Pension Nossek
Phone: 011 43 01 533 70 410
Fax: 011 43 01 5353 646

Hotel Trumer Stube in Salzburg
Hotel Gruner Baum - most beautiful hotel - loved it.

Very nice tour.

Have a great time and don't worry about the hotels they use nice hotels.

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Thank you LIZinPA, Debbie, and Ann.

(The reason I was asking about the tours not during Christmas-market times: I was wondering what hotels were used in warmer months. )

The Pension just had some really disturbing reviews here and here .
I tend to think of this problem being more of an issue in warmer weather but the reviews were from late November. I don't like how the management responded. Thanks for the intel but I think I am not going to sign up for the tour, I've not been too thrilled with some of the hotel choices on RS, so maybe it's just not for me.

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and now I'm nervous. Our tour on may 19th ends at pension nossek. ugh

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My husband and I and our son spent three nights at Pension Nossek in May 2018 after the RS Eastern Europe tour. We found the location to be convenient, the rooms to be comfortable, and the staff to be friendly and helpful. Neither room had bedbugs.

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Thanks for your reply Ann. I am relieved. I also contacted RS Tours and they are aware of this issue. They have been assured by the hotel that they changed all the mattresses and linens. So, here's hoping :)