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Question on how to use the Tours forum

How do I search for topics related to the Ireland tours, versus having to wade through pages of headings that I don't care about? New to the forums, and can't figure it out. Thanks.

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You could look under “Ireland” in the country category. It won’t just be about tours but may give some info.

Sadly the search feature of this forum is its weakest link….. feel free to post any questions as a new post.

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On my IPad, the Search feature is next to the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. I know it shows up differently on various devices.
It is an awkward function, compounded by the fact that many posters are too general in their posted topic, so great info is buried in the content. The Search feature does not look at content.
Good luck!

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I have no luck with the search feature, but end up using google instead, starting with Rick Steves Travel Forum, Ireland tours.....

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I'll be honest - the search function on this website is barely functionable (and I hate to say that because I love this site). But it's cumbersome and not very accurate (and I have tested this on occasion).

If you really want to search and get decent results, I would suggest a site search on Google. It's easy to do - for example, for what you are looking for, you would key in site: then the URL for the specific forum you want to search for (i.e. Ireland). Do not leave a space between the colon after "site" and the URL. However, you do leave a space before you add your search term (in your case, "tours").

So this is what you would have in the search bar. site: tours This will give you much more accurate results and also will automatically sort it by most relevant and most recent (unlike the forum search where you have to wade through multiple posts that are very irrelevant).

For another example, if you were looking for a hotel in Dublin, you could do the same thing. Key in "site: Dublin hotel" and see the results.

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Mardee, Thank you for posting these instructions for a site search in google - I remember you had posted this before, but I didn’t save it, and never went back to try to find it. I’m bookmarking it this time. Thanks!