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Question for RS Tour Alumni - Which RS tour is heavy on "experiences"/interactive activities?

Planning second RS tour in 2015. Last year we did Village Italy tour which I loved, loved, loved. What I particularly loved about this tour was that it featured all these fun activities - the truffle farm visit and dinner, the wine tasting, the cooking class, etc. For those of you who have taken numerous RS tours, what other tour would you recommend that you found featured a heavy dose of these type of experiences? I have read all the reviews and looked at all the scrapbooks, but I'd still like some more first hand feedback. Looking forward to reading your comments.

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I agree, Village Italy was great! It was our first RS tour and we have now done 4 others. Take a look at Best of Eastern France and
and Best of Eastern Europe. Both of those had stops that were smaller places and seemed very personable. The vineyard tour in Eastern France was excellent, and actually there were two. One where we had a wonderful lunch with the family that owned it.
Eastern Europe had a few stops in very small towns that were just the friendliest. both of those tours we had excellent guides and I would love to travel with them again. On both trips we went in to the starting town a day or two early to get over jet lag. If you have any more questions, PM me.
Have a great trip whatever you decide.

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Thanks Mimi. Appreciate the information. The Eastern France tour was one of the tours I was considering.

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I have taken 12 RS tours, one each summer. I also really liked the Village Italy tour. I also really liked the "Paris and The Heart of France". Many similarities - different country.

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I took the RS Sicily tour this summer. In Palermo, we visited a palazzo and the contessa and one of her sons gave our group a private tour. Afterwards, we had wine from their vineyard. We went to a vineyard for a private tour and afterwards had a wine tasting and light lunch. We visited a farm where the baronessa and her staff prepared appetizers and a hearty lunch for our group. We had a pizza making demonstration and had Sicilian-style pizza for dinner. We also went to a traditional puppet show a a tiny theater that was a lot more enjoyable than I had expected.