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Question about Rick Steves Europe Map

I have a RS map of Europe that I purchased 2 years ago. I was looking at it last night and noticed something that I hope some of you can explain. In the North Sea between Norway and Scotland the following words are printed:
El Escorial / Madrid / Toledo
They are in a different font than the rest of the map and each is in a different size. I have no clue why these places are listed in the middle of the ocean. Maybe it's a typo. If you have one of these maps, take a look and see if you have an answer. Thanks.

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That is so funny! I just got a RS Europe map as a gift for donation to public tv. It is not on mine so my guess is that it was a typo and since corrected.

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I don't have that particular map, but I love the ones I have. .... the way they emphasize tourist sites, etc. The coating makes for a good emergency table cloth on the train, and if you want to mark yr route for souvenir purposes, fine pt sharpies are perfect.

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It’s not on my 2005 map; El Escorial is its proper place just outside of Madrid. Collectors item!

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I just looked over the fine print on the map and it has a 2015 copyright.

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I purchased my maps a few years ago, so I just took a look. Yes, mine has that error too. Never noticed it before. :)


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I wonder if it’s as valuable as a 24¢ inverted Jenny airmail stamp?

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Once we received corrected reprints, we stopped selling that version and started giving it free to Consulting customers. No maps were destroyed, so it will take a while for these to become rare and valuable.

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"no maps were hurt in the making of this show"