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Private Tour Guide Tip?

When using a private guide for a private tour should you tip at the end of the tour? I do tip at the end of a public tours but not sure when I have scheduled a tour and my group are the only ones on the tour. If so, what metric do you use to determine the amount?

Your thoughts.

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Totally up to you. I will often tip if I feel guide was exceptional, maybe 5 euros. Otherwise you don’t “need” to tip at all.

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I do city bike tours & food tours with a guide. There’s usually 6-10 people on them. I tip the guide around 10%. If there happens to only be a couple of people on the tour, I will tip more.

I do tip according to the guide’s engagement with us, and their knowledge. My daughter & I had a very disappointing one in Rome, and I didn’t give the person a tip.

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I think it also depends on whether the tour guide works for themselves or if they work for a company they they do not own. I'm more prone to tipping if it's a guide that's employed by someone using Jean's suggestions on engagement and knowledge. If it's someone who works for themselves I assume they have included a "tip" in the fee.