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Private Driver Seville, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal

Does anyone know a reliable private driver for Seville to Lisbon, with maybe one stop? We are doing my way Spain and want to go to Lisbon, before heading back to NY.

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I have no recommendations and I suspect such a trip won't be cheap. If you want to travel from Seville to Lisbon with a stop on the way my suggestion would be to take the coach to somewhere on the Portugese southern coast. Faro or Lagos or somewhere in between, and spend some time there. Then take the train to Lisbon.

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There's a company called MyDayTrip that connects travelers like you with transportation providers all over Europe (and perhaps beyond, for all I know). I randomly selected a date of November 30 and got a price of 361 euros for the direct drive. Stops along the way can be added at additional cost. I have never used this company, but I think you aren't likely to find someone on the forum who has used a driver from Seville or Lisbon willing to make such a trip.

Flying would be probably be considerably cheaper.

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Put a couple of pins in a map. It is a long ways from Seville to Lisbon. It is about 300 miles and maybe 6 hours. You are going to pay a driver to go both ways. Are you opposed to public transit?

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Another place to check is Spain Private Guides

We are using their services for a transfer next month, so I don't have actual experience yet. But they have been incredibly responsive and efficient at setting up what we wanted, and so far I'm impressed.

We are traveling as a group of 10 people, so the cost of a private transfer vs. public transport isn't such a big difference for us. We are using them to travel from Toledo to Granada. The train schedule wasn't going to work well with our other plans, so I contacted Dolca at Spain Private Guides to see if a private transfer would be possible. We now have a really nice, custom itinerary on a private minibus, with stops in Consuegra and Ubeda, which we would not be able to do easily via public transportation.

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with maybe one stop?

Does this mean an overnite stop or a leisurely lunch-sightseeing event along the way?

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We’d like one stop which may be to a winery. Trip ends in Seville and going to Portugal two days. Overnights will be Portugal.

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I have used private drivers (usually recommended in Rick's books), but only for round-trips. Even within New York City, Uber and Lyft now charge too much for one-way trips. (As you may have read, they have to waste a lot of time and roadway space to cruise around empty, which is just as expensive as returning empty for 300 miles.)

Lisbon and Seville/Madrid are not well-connected and should not be considered related destinations. It's understandable, but unrelated to real geography. I've been to Lisbon three times, and it's tedious to connect with Spain.

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I would appreciate any information regarding your satisfaction with private transportation. We are looking for a driver from Seville to Lisbon. Initially, I was going to book a flight, however, by the time you are up all of the surcharges, it seems like it would be more enjoyable to hire a driver. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I am booking trip from Seville to Lisbon with They said we can say pay with cash; then add credit card later. Seem fairly flexible in their cancel policy.