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Pre-stay before the Best of Switzerland Tour-- looking for recommended areas

We are doing the Best of Switzerland Tour next year. I was looking for a place pre-stay. I was looking at either St. Moritz area for a couple of days and then, maybe Zermatt for a couple days before going to Lucerne for the start of our trip. I was thinking these areas because RS tour doesn't stay in either place. They do stop in Zermatt along the way. Or I was thinking of the Interlaken area for 5 nights so, we can visit all the villages around it except maybe Murren since the tour stays there. But from reading Interlaken is very touristy but a good home base. What have you all done on your tour? Looking for ideas. I was going to stay either 5 or 6 night pre-tour and then, go home after the tour because it I did 4 nights post-tour on our last trip and was wiped out because we did 5 night pre-tour.

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Few folks get enough of the Berner Oberland area, and more days gives you a greater chance of clear weather at the summits. Maybe stay in Wengen for your extra days? Zermatt is a "one truck pony " as RS says, and the BO has so much more.
Extra days in Lucerne is nice, but maybe not all 5-6 days.
St Moritz is all shopping, Pontressina is a nicer local nearby area in the Alps, but my vote is still with the BO.
Read posts here and Trip Reports- no one is ever ready to leave the BO!
And- you have a fantastic tour scheduled , we loved that trip! Safe travels!

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I agree with spending extra days in Berner Oberland. On the Switzerland tour, you only have one full day and one partial day in Murren. Depending on weather, you may miss out of some of the best activities in the area.

At the same time, Lucerne is a beautiful city, and it's close to Mt. Rigi and Mt. Pilatus. I really enjoyed my pre-tour days taking the lifts up these mountains. Lucerne, and the surrounding area, deserve more time than you get on the tour.

This tour badly needs to be extended to 14 days.

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Thank you for the responses. The only reason I was thinking of St. Moritz to Zermatt was to ride the Glacier Express Train. I'll save that for another trip.

After watching a million youtube videos and reading a ton of trip reports, I decided to stay in Lauterbrunnen Valley as I realize Interlaken isn't that exciting. Anyways, I'll be there 5 nights before the tour and then, 2 nights in Luzern before the tour starts. We have been to Luzern but in the winter so, this will be different.

Anyone else booking their rooms, they go fast. The first hotel on the tour in Luzern is almost sold out and require a 2 night minimum. We are going next May/June.

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We are going on the tour next May as well. We are staying two nights in Lucern pre-tour and I booked the room as soon as I got my confirmation. Now I am researching other places to stay post tour. We are thinking Wengen but still trying to decide.

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I found the following YouTubers were helpful in my decision-making process:

1) The Traveling Swiss
2) Aplins in the Alps - They have video called "where to stay in the Swiss Alps -- 7 Best Swiss Villages/Towns..."

Good luck.

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We stayed 2 nights in Lucerne pre-trip. It was wonderful! One full day for My Pilatus. Visited transportation museum, 1/2 day. Walked back to hotel along lake and stopped at outdoor cafe on the way back. Bus system easy to use. Take a look at he scrapbook from 2021. Lots to see and do in the old town.

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If you were planning on staying in Lucerne pre-tour, I would definitely opt for at least 2 full days before the tour starts. Tour starts at 5 pm on a sunday.. all stores are closed on sunday which means you would have to get up early sunday to do Mt Pilatus... and there is nice shopping in Lucerne .. plus you have to get over your jet lag and get some rest . I loved Lucerne wish I spent more time there!